Best water sports to try in Andamans

Get one of the most amazing water sports in India. It’s encompassing miles of the sea, and due to this, the island has a lot of water sports activities to offer the tourists. The water life and the sea experience is awesome for one to enjoy the place.

Some of the water sports activities in Andaman Islands are underwater and some over the water. For those who wish to be more adventurous can take the underwater activity and others can go for activity that are above the water. For elders and children we recommend activities that can be done above the water such as boat rides and glass bottom boat rides.

Many areas in the Andaman Islands comes under the reserve forest, however, still there are many places in the Andaman open to tourists for water activities. Designated places has been assigned for the tours.

Water sports you really must try while visiting the Andaman Islands!

1-Seakart: This activity is available at Corbyns cove beach at Port Blair. This fascinating water sport was introduced in third place, behind Dubai and Mauritius. It resembles a brand-new watercraft designed like a go-kart. You must operate the Seakart independently while following the authorised official’s directions. Guides accompany you during the ride.

2. Scuba diving: Scuba diving is the most popular water sports activity and is recommended to all adventure enthusiasts. It’s also the most exciting activity done at the beach. There are different kind of Scuba diving in Andaman from beginner to advanced. No swimming skills are required to do this activity. This activity is best done at Havelock and Neil Island.

3-Jet skiing: This sport is widely accessible throughout India, particularly in coastal regions like Goa, Pondicherry, etc. But Andaman Island is the ideal location for this sport. This activity requires the proper water waves, and the ocean’s immense expanse delivers a unique human experience. You are taken to experience the power waves by the jet skis as they encircle you at high speed. Families choose it over all other sports options.

4-Snorkeling: Snorkeling is more affordable than other sports in the Andaman and is preferable to regular swimming. You won’t require any complicated equipment or setup to participate in this sport, which allows you to comfortably experience the underwater world. It’s merely an immediate water sport that makes you feel light. This activity is best done at Port Blair and Havelock Island.

5-Kayaking: Andaman Island is most famous for its scenic shorelines and unique greenery. The narrow paths through lagoons, dense tropical forests, and nature’s friends [birds/animals] make this moment more peaceful. Kayaking through the mangroves is a peaceful experience at Havelock Island.

6-Sofa Ride: The most common water sport enjoyed by friends and families in Andaman. It’s a totally balanced sport of joy and thrill. The Sofa Ride can be done together at Elephant beach in Havelock Island, this makes to share your happy moments with your loved ones. This ride is performed on floating sofa-type seats with controlled balance and protective belts that retain and lock your positions during the ride to make you safe giveme5.

All water activities in Andaman Islands are done under strict supervision of expert guides to ensure that your trip is safe.

The ride is firmly secured to a speed boat, and it runs at full speed. Due to this, the sofa boat attached to it makes you feel thrilled, refreshed, and fun. This sport is performed under the instructor, and protective measures are ready on the go if any usual things occur.

7- Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat Ride:

This ride provides a memorable experience by letting you discover the unlocked beauty of Andamans, like- rich corals and marine lifestyles around Port Blair, from the comfort of your fully premium cabins. The cabins provide a clear and clean view of the sunny sea and greenery.

These water sports activities can be done in Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. The major hub for water sports is Havelock Island and you will need to take a ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island before you indulge in any water sports activities. These are high speed ferry that takes from one island to the other. Make sure you know the exact timings when the water sports will take place to avoid any last minute hassles. These activities are done under trained professionals and some health guidelines are also there before taking any water activity in Andaman Islands. Please make sure you are aware of the safety aspects before indulging in these activities.

You can take these ferry from Port Blair to enjoy the water sports at Havelock Island. The timings of these ferry are in the morning and it leaves at specific timings. Make sure you are aware of the timings of these ferry for a memorable trip.

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