CBSE Notes for Quick Revision

CBSE Notes are the crucial study resource for any students to help them during revision. By creating the self notes, students can quickly go through all the topics during the exams. It saves a lot of time during last-minute preparation. Moreover, it boosts student’s confidence and helps them to score high marks in the board exam. But, most of the students do not realize the power of studying from self-created notes. Due to which they end up referring to the notes provided on online websites and by other publishers or authors in offline mode. This creates confusion among students as they get mesh up with the concepts. So, it is advised that students start making their notes instead of following anyone else. Here, in this article, we have provided some tips to help students create their notes.

How To Make Short Notes

Students mostly face problems when they create notes for the first time. While making the CBSE Notes, they find it challenging to choose the topics, content length, writing formulas, equations etc. To help them with this, below, we have provided some tips for creating the short notes

1) Note Down the Important Topics

Before creating the notes of any subject, students must go through its syllabus. After knowing the syllabus, they must note down the important topics. According to the topics, they should select the topics from each chapter of the book and then start creating the notes. By doing so, they will have notes of important topics for quick revision before the exams.

2) Write Down the Summary/Conclusion of Each Topic

After selecting the topic, students must study it in detail from the textbook. They must try to understand the concepts and then write down the conclusion in short form. They need not write a complete sentence. Instead, they can note down the key understanding of the topic in bullet points. So that they can recall the concepts while revising them.

3) Create A Formula Sheet

For subjects like Maths, it’s essential to create a separate formula sheet for it. Students can also paste the formula sheet into their study area. It will help them in remembering the formula. They can implement this technique for Chemistry subjects as well. Creating a separate sheet for Equations and chemical formulas will help the students in quick recalling them. After some time, these formulas and equations will be at their fingertips.

4) Use Table, Diagrams, Flow Chart in Notes

To make the notes more creative and exciting, students can use the tables, diagrams and flowcharts. By using these methods, it will be easy for students to remember the topics. Especially for biology subjects, students can learn the functions of human organs and animal organs with the help of diagrams. The table helps learn the topics related to comparing the two entities, such as the difference between speed and velocity. By now, students must have got to know the importance of studying from self-created notes. Also, they can study from the CBSE Guide for the board exam preparation. The guide compiles all the important details from the exam perspective in one short book. Studying from it will boost their practice, and they revise the entire syllabus ahead of the exams. Check out the best entertainment source ifuntv. You can also visit here to get the latest headline news around the world listinside.  If you need more information about 0x00x0, you can get essential news from it.