DIY Projects for New Homeowners

There’s nothing as thrilling as buying your home. Of course, when it’s time to move in and start your life, you want to focus on the big picture: but there are some important things you should still consider.

These are some of the most important DIY projects new homeowners can do to ensure their property looks and feels like home!

Deep Clean and Power Wash

Most homes in the USA are over 35 years old, which means you’re more than likely going to see Portland houses for sale that are starting to show their age.

The best way to ensure your home doesn’t show its age is to wash away the years.  Anyone can rent a power washer for less than a hundred dollars for a day and use it to deep clean the siding, brick, and cement of their home.  This will allow your driveway to look brand new and give you the chance to wash the years away.

Replace Light Fixtures and Details

The quickest way to make an entire room feel brand new is to replace the lighting you have in there.  Replacing your lighting allows you to change how everything else in the room looks simply through the color of the light you use. Of course, the fixture itself should be replaced too so that it may suit your aesthetic needs.

You can carry this across other parts of your home by replacing the doorknobs, handles, light switches, outlet covers, and dozens of other items that are small but build up into the large picture.

Paint Your Interior

The interior of your home can be updated with paint.  Pick colors you enjoy that evoke whatever feeling you want the room to have.  Although there are general trends about painting to keep things stylish; if you love a specific color, use it!

 There’s nothing wrong with painting your home however you want so that it suits your tastes.  If you live with other people, ensure that they’re on the same page as you.

Fix Any Broken Fence Slats

Your fence should be well maintained in order to keep your home safe.  If you have a large wooden privacy fence, it can feel hard to keep up to date with slats breaking or aging.

When you first move in, look around at your fence slats and decide if any need to be replaced.  You can powerwash the good ones so that when you replace broken ones, they’ll match better.  Ensure that you measure the length and width of the slats so that you get the right one when you replace it.

Fix Dented or Scratched Wood Floors

How do your wood floors look? If they’re slightly scratched or dented, you can buff that out to repair them and make them look new. If they’re deeply marked, you may have to use epoxy, lacquer lay-in, or a wood inlay to correct this problem. Selecting the right flooring for your home is a major decision that will affect your family’s comfort for years to come. Airbase Carpet and Tile Mart in Dover, flooring delaware proudly services Smyrna, Camden, Felton, Milford, and other areas for your flooring needs.

This allows you to get new-looking wood floors without having to pay to replace your current flooring.  Be careful to ensure the stain matches on all repairs to make the illusion come across perfectly.