History of Israel

Israel is a small country in the Middle East, about half as large New Jersey. Located on both shores of Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by Egypt to the west; Jordan to north; Lebanon & Syria (or Iraq) across border southwards into their own countries respectively with only one narrow strip land connecting these four nations which makes up what we call today’s Israel

It might seem like this tiny sliver would be vulnerable but they’ve managed so much success because it’s an amalgamation for some very different people who have come together through tragedy or destiny!

The nation of Israel has such a rich and diverse history that it would take an entire book just to cover its past. The first mention of this land as described in Bible was back when Joshua led troops against many enemy tribes including Canaanites who originated from Phoenicia but were deported groups living outside Judea at time where Jesus walked on earth 2 thousand years ago…

Israel is not just a country. It’s also an idea, and the story of how this small land became so important to people all over the world has been told in many different ways by those who live there- Jews Christians (or Eastern Church) Muslims…

The Bible tells us that Abraham was originally from Ur 1700 years ago when he set out with his nephew Lot into Canaan which at one point included everything south as far down toward Egypt but later split up due conflict between Esau & Jacob Israel settled parts went west around Jerusalem next were Philistines until finally Samson defeated them.

A few of these facts are true, but many have been mythologized or embellished by story tellers for centuries after their reporting in passing conversations much like oral traditions would be passed on through generations before being written down 2 thousand year ago.

The Bible is full of fascinating history. Take for example King David and his son, Solomon who built the first holy temple in Jerusalem 1000 years before Christ from hydes (plural) which later became Judaism’s holiest site when it was re-established as a national homeland by Nebuchadnezzar while other parts were conquered under Jeroboam II 700 years after its construction due to expansion conflicts between Israel on behalf Northern Kingdom that consisted mainly Judahites; versus Southern part controlled House הAssmonean often seen shortened just Magen).

The Northern Kingdom of Israel was invaded and conquered by the Assyrians in 568 BC, with a second temple built after 500-516BC. The first one was destroyed centuries ago due to Babylonian invasions

This information may not be well known but it’s fascinating nonetheless!

For next several hundred years until Alexander the Great’s death, his empire spread all over Asia Minor but including modern day Palestine where he founded Alexandria Coele Syria (Copper Valley) creating buffer zones against any possible attacks from Persian Empire which at time ruled most parts outside Greek reach so they couldnt threaten him back home while developing trade routes linking India Ocean salt water route till Mediterranean Sea making profits for Greeks who came here looking.

But then things took a turn when Julius Caesar conquered vast majority of Europe under Rome umbrella and Judea became Roman province called Iudaea after defeatin gJews Josephus Flavius wrote “Jewish Wars”. This was significant event because despite being small area with few population wise – it had great strategic.