Know More About PDFs

There is not only one reason but many reasons behind the popularity of PDFs, i.e. Portable Document File format. The file format is extensively used in almost all fields, be it medical, law, education, or trading. The reason behind the popularity is because of the ease of use of this file format over others. For example, you can easily convert PDF to Word and perform different operations on the PDFs using simple tools.

Here, let us explore the different characteristics of a Portable Document File format, that makes it unique and popular.

  • Security

Security is a major concern when you are dealing with documents that are highly confidential. You can easily enable password protection on PDF documents, that can be accessed only by authorized personnel. 

  • Reliability

PDFs are one of the most reliable file formats, as they keep your data intact in a document. Images, texts, graphs, and other content will be displayed in the exact same way.

  • Compression

Many websites require you to upload documents in a certain size and format. If a document contains images and graphics, the size can be huge. PDFs can be easily compressed by slightly decreasing the quality of the document. 

  • Portability

As the full form of PDF suggests, it is a portable type of document format. By portable, it means that the document can be transferred across various platforms without worrying too much about dependencies. 

  • Compatibility

PDF is a type of file format that is compatible with different operating systems, browsers, applications, and many more. One does not need to worry much about the compatibility of the document as it will work on all kinds of platforms.

  • Version Independence

No matter what version you are using, PDFs do not require a specific version to view them. You can use any PDF viewer to see the contents. If you want to edit PDF, merge, or split PDF, then these operations are also independent of versions. 

  • Ease Of Use

PDFs are super easy to work with. You can easily create them and edit them later. The fact that these are version independent, makes it all the easier to perform various operations on PDF files.


The above-mentioned features make PDFs desirable and versatile file format. The universally accepted PDF file format has seen a surge in its popularity over the years, because of its user-friendly nature. This file format makes your work faster and more efficient. 

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