Types of taweez

A taweez is an amulet, piece of clothing or paper bearing mystical inscriptions which possess supernatural power. Allegedly, the power of a talisman will control either the destiny or general luck, based on its specific forces. During the days of jahiliyah (the period before Islam), Arabs liked to carouse on camels while the camels were being led on long journeys by servants. Jawalis in Arabia began weaving charms or talisman called “Taweez” for these aristocrats who wished to travel in safety and guarantee a good supply of water and other animals necessary for a desert journey. Taweez-talismans have a long and distinguished history of being used by both Muslim mystics and people outside the Islamic faith, like Buddhists in Tibet. Data suggests that around 23% of Muslim population in India wear some kind of talisman.

In Islam, taweez have always been a customary way to reach God and various other rituals are performed along with them. Most Muslims in Pakistan and India wear these talismans as beneficial and amulets, some put it on the animal for a certain benefits. Taweez remove all kinds of pains, difficulties and problems from their owner. Taweez are typically made of parchment and inscribed in the Islamic mystical script known as Hashi-e Orwi.

Talismans are objects that are worn or carried to bring protection from harm, or to indicate membership in an elite group. After much study it was concluded that there were five different types of taweez:

– Health: for pleasing appearance and speedy healing;

– Fortune: for abundant wealth and honour;

– Love: to win the love of others, attract friends and keep secrets;

– Peace: to avoid fightings as well as domestic disputes;

– Safety: deflecting trouble and warding off enemies.

There are all sorts of taweez or talismans that hold different types of powers. They include amulets, taruhsuna, tsaweezaat, rowiyaat and hasiyaat. Recently, there has been an increase in the interest of these items as talismans and amulets which are historically used in Arabic countries to remove negativity from people`s lives as well as bring good luck and increase their power.

The types of taweez talismans are many and include also the following types:

1) Taweez-Surah or the prayer Taweez: Some of those that are given here are strong recommendations from scholars whereas others are to be used as cure for physical and mental diseases.

2) Waseela or type Taweez-Nuriyya: A small square piece of paper with verses inscribed on it that devout men would kiss at odd hours as an attraction to beautiful women they desired.

One of the most popular talismans held in different denominations is called Ajna’a Taweez which is used to attain love and separation. It usually derived from 99 names of Allah or the 99 different forms of verses in Quran that break apart the barriers to generate feelings of love and kindness between couples.

The types of taweez can be also classified in two categories:

1) Materialistic tawezaat (such as for love, success, business and the like) meant for worldly needs of life. Tawezaat in this category can be used by Muslims without feeling any shame or guilt.

2) Intercessory tawezaat (such as getting married, children, finding out truth behind hidden facts, success in business due to prayers etc.) are empowered with spiritual power but they have no worldly inclinations. This type is recommended only by scholars and religious leaders with valid shariah proofs behind them who can ascertain its purity.

These taweez-talismans are sold by street vendors, in shops selling products for businesses and even inside mosques. It’s possible to find all kind of these amulets and talismans on Aliexpress and Amazon at affordable prices nowadays.

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