4 Movies To Watch Atleast Once In Your Life

Movies are an escape from our tedious lives and a glimpse into alternate worlds with dragons soaring over skies and small hobgoblins hiding under trees. Here are five movies that are masterpieces in their genres and are a must-watch in 2021. So don’t stress over life, sit back, and ดูหนัง.

The Grey

We will start off with an action-packed thriller featuring a wolf hunter, a plane crash, the cruel cold, and a lot of wolves! This epic movie may not seem much at first glance but the cleverly written script has the ability to freeze you up with tension and break you into tears as you feel the desperation of the survivors through the cruel winter. The scenes pull at your heart and create a bond between you and the characters, and you can’t help but root for them as they survive the blood-curdling horrors of nature.

A Beautiful Mind

This movie is the definition of a good plot twist. We follow the life of an asocial mathematical genius who appears to be highly successful but, dark secrets lie in the folds of his seemingly perfect life and the audience is knocked out of their seats at the bizarre twists that follow which makes us question reality itself.

I Am Legend

Another thriller in this list follows the life of Robert Neville, a scientist living in New York City. But there’s just a tiny catch. He is the last remaining survivor of an apocalypse caused by a man-made virus, trying to find a cure from his own immune blood.

This movie is one emotional rollercoaster of epic escapes from infected humans, to heart-wrenching scenes of loneliness that carry within that lone survivor as days mold into weeks, and weeks into months. This movie is a must-watch for lovers of unique yet, epic storylines, strong characters, and a lot of zombies!

The Hangover Trilogy

The list concludes with a hilariously fresh twist on a bad hangover as a group of friends find themselves in absurd situations while taking road trips to attend bachelor parties. This movie spins classical comedy on its head with its unique take on situational humor and just when you think the situation can’t get any worse, you find yourself wrong every time with laugh-out-loud absurd moments, and lovable characters stuck in the center of it.

These movies are modern classics in their genres and if you’re having a hard time in school, work, or home, these movies are an amazing breath of fresh air that would make you laugh or clench up in fear, and offer an escape from reality.