4 tips for buying online

We know that there are thousands of reasons to buy online with your interbank cards. Many times the best offers are there, the number of products you can choose from is infinite, and the purchase is very simple and is done in just a few steps. Buying online has never been as easy as it is now.

We tell you 4 tips so that shopping on the internet is pleasant and, above all, safe.

1. Have the online purchase option turned on

You just have to select the alternative of “Configure your cards” from the “More” button in Interbank APP or from the “Configuration” button in Internet Banking.

Tip: Activate the online purchase option only when making your purchase online, and then deactivate it.

2. Enter a secure web page

Use well-known web pages sites whose site address begins with “https //” or a padlock appears before the email address.

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3. Security / CVV code and expiration date

These are two very important points to successfully complete an online purchase. The first Security Code – CVV – is a code present on all credit and debit cards.

These are generally 3-4 digits located on the right side of the signature strip on the back of your card.

Sometimes, as in the case of American Express cards, this code can be found on the front with 4 digits or on the back with only 3 digits.

Take into account the code requested by the website where you are buying. Also in case of buying CVV code online, chose authentic CVV Shop.

Internet shopping security

The second point that we must not forget in order to make the most of the offers that we find online is the expiration date. We must always make sure that both digits (month and year of expiration) are correctly entered. In some cases, the format of the digits is usually with two digits of month and year “01/18 “, or 2 digits of month and four digits of year “01/2018”.

4. Do not share your information and do not use WiFi network

Virtual stores do not need to know your birthday, or the name of your relatives or your place of birth for you to make a purchase. Also, if you are going to make a purchase on your cell phone, it is best to do it with your network and not with a public WiFi connection.

Follow these tips and enjoy the best deals from around the world. Do you already have in mind what will be your first online purchase to test your new knowledge in digital security?

Protecting the CVV

Card details are primarily protected by a security standard known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS, commonly referred to as PCI). Compliance is required by any business that accepts card payments:

“Do not store the card verification code or value (three or four digit number printed on the front or back of a payment card used to verify card less transactions) after authorization.”

There are problems with PCI. No PCI compliant retailer or merchant is claimed to have been violated, and this may be the case, however compliance is measured and confirmed by annual audits. It is possible for a company to be technically compliant, but not actually compliant for 364 days of the year.

While some of the CVV numbers sold on the dark web as fullz may have been stolen from online databases, this is unlikely and rare. We need to look elsewhere for the criminals’ source of CVV ​​numbers: malware attacks against individual PCs and Mage cart-style attacks against retailers and merchants.

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