A guide for parents about esports

If you as a parent are concerned whether esports is the same as online gaming where your child remains in their rooms for days and does not even go out to see the sun then you are getting it all wrong. With the help of esports, it has now made its way into the school competitions as well. Not only do esports have to offer a gaming experience rather virtual reality gaming has also been incorporated into it which offers a more physical experience so your child gets some healthy movement out of it too.

With esports now becoming a part of school competitions, these gamers that are involved in it are changing the traditional view of athletes. Although it may be hard to accept as for athletes all the work is physical, but the perception is now changing as a great deal of critical thinking and multitasking skills are required to become a good esports athlete.

Even so now, many universities and colleges are now providing admission and scholarship if the students’ resume has awards or skills stated assuring that the student has been a good esports athlete. This industry and the เกมส์Esport are now being recognized as an official sport on a global level.

Moreover, if you do not like the idea of your child spending hours every day playing this game, you must know that this industry is also excelling as a great career choice. Being a new form of career path, an esports athlete can make huge sums of money from streaming and playing these electronic sports.

Esports as a full-time long term career

Considering all the benefits of esports, if your child wants to pursue it as a full-time career, there is not much evidence right now to say that the child should be encouraged. The biggest downside is the screen time. Although esports have some physical exertion aspects to offer it is close to sufficient. Moreover, to become an expert in the field of esports, these athletes have to spend at least 10 hours in front of the screen as it requires that much practice. This amount of screen time is extremely unhealthy for the child. This can also hinder their growth in other fields and practical life.

However, if your child still wishes to get involved in esports, it is important to draw the line about how much screen time they should spend per day or you should restrict the number of days they spent on this sport. It is a must to have balance in life with the other activities such as real-time human interaction and running everyday chores.