Animation Process that Is followed by Every Animator:

The 2D Animation Process is a way of creating movement in still images. Many of the companies follow different 2D animation processes but here in this article, we have summarized the animation process in the shortest way which is majorly followed by the different 2D animation services provider companies.

Following are the steps that are included in an Animation Process:

1. Gathering Information:

By gathering information, we mean that gathering every possible detail about the company that is taking the 2D animation service.

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A 2D animation company gathers all the possible information that is necessary for making an animated video like doing complete competitor analysis, going through the brand story and history, knowing about the nature of the audience that can be interested in the product.

The list isn’t over yet there is much more information that needs to be gathered when it comes to collecting the information for an animation video.

At this is also important that you communicate with your client most appropriately and take proper notes regarding what they are looking for.

For gathering information most of the companies send a questionnaire form to the client and ask him/her to fill it.

Most of the forms take all the creative brief regarding the client in the questionnaire and this helps the company in landing the right idea of the video animation.

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2. Concept and Script:

In the concept and script step brainstorming regarding the business takes place and here the foundation of the video takes place.

Here a 2D animation company creates concepts that how the video will be designed what needs to be added in the video.

The scripting helps in deciding the length of the video that how long the video should be and what should be added to it.

3. Storyboard

Connect words into visuals and here is where the step of storyboarding comes up and describes every detail of the video.

A storyboard is explained as the step in which visuals of the video are made. The visuals are either drawn manually or you can use software for it as well.

There is much-storyboarding software available like Storyboarder and Plot to draw for designing the storyboard for a 2D animation video or any other.

Here scene by scene scenario is defined that what will be coming in which place and which background we need to use for creating the animation. Not only this the animators also get help through this, and it makes it easy for them to identify the background, character, and pitch of the video. Also, the pauses in the script and adding or creating a transition in the video are made easy.

4. Voiceover

Finding the right voice according to the nature of the script is quite hard. But if found it will bring meaning to your animated video.

Over here the 2D animation services provider mostly hires a different type of voiceover artist that exactly fits the requirements of the video.

If the video is related to the history of the company that is explaining its services, history, or any other area of the company you can also ask their Co-founder or CEO to give you a voiceover. This will help you in getting the right tone for the video and delivering the message in the right way. Never mind if you are not having this option still you can hire a voiceover artist who can help you in giving you the voiceover you are looking for in your video.

Many platforms are available for hiring voiceover artists for one-time projects like you can use Fiverr or Upwork.

5. Styling

Now it’s time to follow the brand guidelines and here styles are added to the visuals.

The colors are added to the storyboard and customization is done. Furthermore, you can easily add detailed backgrounds, well-defined character designs, illustrations, and different types of text icons you want that can be used in the video.

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Styling helps you in obtaining a much better idea of the video and how your video will turn up in the final.

The best part of this step is that you can make changes easily before adding the animation to it and can easily obtain feedback from the client.

Here you will find the real magic of creativity.

6. Animation

Add movement to your story and bring power to it. Here in this, your video is finally finding a path, and the 2D animation is making its way towards completion.

The life is added to the characters, objects, and backgrounds by the animators. Regardless of all the time is set of the video that when and where what will be performed that is at which second.

Although adding animation is a time-consuming process but if given proper time then it can bring impressive results in the digital marketing campaign you are running.

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7. Sound Effects

It is not necessary that a video need sound effects, but it is a plus in the video that helps in providing an impressive look to the video. Adding upbeat or a soft melody is the last-minute touchups that are added in the video.

If the client’s budget is high so sometimes the audio is created as well but if it is not much sufficient then you can get high-quality, royalty-free sound effects from different platforms to add a seamless experience to it.

In our opinion music add life to the animated video and it helps in binding the video together.


Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in finding how a 2D animation video is created by following an effective animation process. The animation process might differ according to the different companies that are providing 2D animation services but this is the most generalized one every animated video goes through.

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