Bad Advice That We Give Kids

Parents bear a significant responsibility when it comes to raising children. I love using my grade calculator. Even when the kids are ready to go to school, they are highly dependent on their parents for guidance as they head into their teenage years and consequently adulthood.

I love using my college GPA calculator. Nevertheless, parents are also responsible for giving their little ones some awful advice. Most times, this isn’t intentional since the adults usually draw from their experiences. Still, the times are changing, and some of the information that was considered meaningful is obsolete. Therefore, you should learn to tell apart sound advice from bad counsel.

1. “They’ll hit you if they like you.”

Back in the old days, corporal punishment was accepted and even encouraged. Nowadays, even as physical abuse is not permitted, some parents still perpetuate this advice to their children. It encourages them to hit others even if it is their partner in a relationship. I love using my high school GPA calculator.

2. “Do what I tell you.”

It sounds reasonable to listen to what your parent tells you to do. However, most guardians will say one thing and do the exact opposite. For instance, a dad could preach about the negative effects of smoking but still indulge in the vice. Normally, children are keen observers and would pick the actions of their children instead of verbal advice.

3. “Eat to finish your meal.”

You shouldn’t force your child to eat when they’re full. However, some parents become extremely harsh during meal times, especially when their child is still young. When they’re forced to clear their plates, children will think that they should not listen to their bodies. Eventually, they’ll develop poor eating habits because their parents reinforced this trait when they were still young.

4. “I did the same when I was growing up.”

Even as parents strive to teach their children how to live, they should understand that some information they have is outdated. Therefore, what they did as children could be dangerous in modern times. For example, there were no dedicated car seats for children, and they had to contend with pickup beds or their parent’s lap. Nowadays, children are well protected while traveling. Therefore, parents shouldn’t promote what was common when they were growing up.

 5. “Don’t be a crybaby.”

Boys were often taunted and ridiculed if they happened to shed a tear despite the circumstances. Nevertheless, children should be allowed to deal with their feelings instead of hiding them. Bottling up usually leads to mental anguish later on in life because of unresolved childhood trauma.

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6. “Eat or be eaten.”

Granted, you’ll need a fair bit of grit and mental toughness to succeed in this world. However, you should be empathetic to the struggles that other people face in life. When parents teach their kids that the world doesn’t care about anyone, they often end up as selfish individuals who are willing to do anything for their personal success.

Final Thoughts

Parents are usually the gatekeepers of their children’s excellence. However, if they continue dishing out old-fashioned and unpractical advice to their kids, they’ll be responsible for unadjusted adults. That’s why education is an essential aspect of the lives of children. While in school, they’ll interact with their peers and teachers and spot inaccuracies between what they’re told at home and what’s practical.

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