Benefits And Considerations For Pool Heating Options

Are you wanting to heat your pool but are unsure about all of the pool heating options available to you? There are several pool heating options such as solar pool heater panels, solar pool covers and pool heat pumps that work in different ways to give you the result of a heated pool.

It is important to take into consideration whether you are wanting to heat a residential or commercial pool, as well as the size and shape of the pool you are wanting to heat. This article will highlight how the 3 most common pool heating options work, what their benefits are and factors to consider for each pool heating options such as cost, efficiency, and durability.

Solar pool heater panels

Solar pool heater panels and systems have come a long way over the last 20 years, and if you are looking to extend your swimming season – solar pool heating is probably the best option for you! Solar pool heater panels are built to last and are known for their longevity and durability. Solar pool heater panels harvest their energy from the sun making it a renewable form of energy which does not release carbon emissions. These energy factors make solar panel heating a cost effective and environmentally friendly option as it does not use your household electricity to run.

Reach out to a professional pool heater company to source solar panels that are made from polypropylene, which is a strong material suited to extreme climates, such as those we see in Australia.

Pool heat pumps

A pool heat pump is generally very quick at heating pool water and is most effective during the warmest months of the year. A pool heat pump is able to run day or overnight and will produce results over a couple of days, as many pool heat pumps are manufactured to produce results from outside air warmth and in temperatures up to 7 degrees.

A pool heat pump is easy to install and a great addition for a new pool or to enhance the one you already have. Generally, a pool heat pump can cost a small amount to run although it provides reliable and effective results in heating your pool.

Pool cover options

A general pool cover, or a solar pool cover are both effective in limiting debris from the external environment entering your pool, saving water and energy and limiting water evaporation while retaining heat. Pool covers are beneficial for both residential and commercial pools as they act as an insulation barrier between the pool water and the external environment.

It is recommended to utilise a solar pool cover alongside a pool heat pump as this will provide you with the best results for heating your pool, and as the solar pool cover retains heat, the solar pool pump will not need to work as hard providing longer lasting results for the heat of your pool. Reach out to a reputable pool heating company who can assist you in choosing a pool cover that suits your residential or commercial pool!

Are you ready to choose a pool heating option? Contact pool heating experts!

Whether you are looking for solar pool heater panels, a pool heat pump or a solar pool cover, it is important to select the best fit for your pool and your goals and requirements. It is important to choose a pool heating option that fits your residential or commercial pool, its size and shape as well as meet your requirements regarding cost and environmentally friendly.

Reach out to professional pool heaters for personalised advice on which pool heating system is best for your pool and your needs and get started with your desired pool heating option!

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