Break up spells with lemon

Sometimes to influence a couple with break up spells with lemon, all you need is to buy a green lemon with some damage to the peel and bury it in the couple’s backyard without anyone knowing. This ritual will make the couple break up and you don’t even have to say any words. Their relationship will turn increasingly sour as the lemon is rotting underground. When it fully decomposes, the partners will break up. However, this ritual can be tricky sometimes. Thus, if one of the lemon seeds grows, the partners won’t break up. The new life given to them by the lemon seed will help them go through this black magic ordeal taking their relationship to a whole new level. Besides, this spell shouldn’t be put on couples living in apartment buildings or houses where other families live as well. In the first case, the power of the spell will be distributed between all the residents, barely having any effect on anyone, while in the second case the spell will pick the couple with the worst relationship, so there’s no guarantee it will be the couple you want to break up. So always use targeted break up spells. To find out how to cast them, read this article about various lemon break up spells.​ Powerful spellcasters such as Spellcaster Maxim know how to make a couple break up using their powerful break up spell.

Lemon spells to break up a couple

Lemon spells to break up a couple are relatively new spells. They came to European magic from Islamic sorcerers but in a changed form and having quite different effects. For example, while in Islam this kind of magic is used to prevent people from getting married, European sorcerers use these spells to make spouses fight and to destroy strong relationships.

Not all lemons can be used in break up spells. For an effective break up spell, use lemons which look unhealthy, unattractive and have a weird shape. The color usually doesn’t matter, although some magic practitioners claim bright yellow or green lemons are better. It’s important how sour the lemon is. The sourer it is, the more effective the spell.

Many break up spells with lemon can be cast at home. Here’s one of such recipes. Clean up your windowsill. Cover it with black paper. Apply black paper to the window too, to prevent sunlight and moonlight from coming into the room. You can use clear sticky taper for it. If you prefer authentic methods, use glue made of flour, home-made gelatin, or magic candle wax.

Put the lemon on the table and smash it with your fist to make it soft. Don’t smash it too hard because the peel needs to stay intact. Now pick a full-length couple picture in which the partners don’t touch each other. This picture should be:

  • Big enough;
  • Printed on thick paper;
  • Black-and-white;
  • Taken at least one year ago;
  • Showing no other people except for the target couple;
  • Free of any inscriptions and notes;
  • The couple shouldn’t know you have this picture.

To begin with, fold the picture. Then make two small tears – one on top and one on the bottom. The tears should be in between the lovers as if separating them. Put the picture in the middle of the windowsill. Put one magic candle on each side. If the partners have been together for less than three years, use orange candles; less than five years – use green candles; more than ten years – use light or dark blue candles. Light them and get back to the lemon.​

Take 12 thick and long needles and stick them into the lemon. Put the lemon, without taking the needles out, on the picture. Let the candles burn for 40 minutes. Put them out and walk away. Now wait until the moon starts to wane. On the first day of a waning moon, when it gets dark, come up to the windowsill which is now your magic altar and light the candles. Let them burn for 13 minutes. All this time just stand there quietly trying to tune into the couple’s energy. Then pull one of the needles out, put it on the picture next to the lemon, and say:

“The juice from the lemon is like venom from a snake’s mouth. Like acid from an old bottle. Like rust from old chains. It’ll fall on you, touch you, fret you, and break you up. You (the man’s name) will leave (the woman’s name), and you (the woman’s name) will leave (the man’s name). My magic is strong. The night’s shade is helping me. Like the moon can’t dispel the darkness, like stars can’t drive the night away, no one will be able to drive my spell away from you which I’m casting on the first day.”

Put out the candles and leave the kitchen.

Repeat this ritual as described the next day, changing the number corresponding to the day you cast your lemon break up spell: “on the second day”, “on the fourth day”, “on the eleventh day”.

When you repeat the ritual 12 times, leave the lemon, candles and the picture on the altar and wait until someone breaks you the bad news that those people are no longer together. Remove the black paper from the window and windowsill, wrap the candles, picture and needles into it, and toss it in a garbage container. After you do it, you won’t be able to undo the spell. In this case the partners will have a chance of getting back together only if they’re helped by a professional magic practitioner. However, since today most people don’t believe in magic, it’s quite unlikely that they will hire one.

A lemon break up spell

Now let’s look at the break up spell with lemon through the eyes of the couple this spell’s been put on. Since lemon spells are very common, you should know how to identify them by their signs and symptoms, so when you start fighting, you know it’s not because you’re tired of each other, or when you find yourself no longer turned on by each other, you know it’s black magic.

You can identify this spell the moment it’s cast by the following signs:

Firstly, a person, male or female, who you think has never approved of your relationship, has been coming to your place quite often which was never the case before. This person can show up unnoticed and act strangely. If that’s the case, let this person know right away he or she isn’t welcome at your house and they should stop coming to your place, unless they’re invited.

Secondly, you’ve been given a lemon or a basket of lemons or treated to dishes containing lemon or some lemon beverages. Whoever gave it to you, put it in a bag and throw it out as soon as this person leaves. Don’t keep the lemons and don’t eat anything!​

Thirdly, you can have a lemon taste in your mouth or smell lemon everywhere you go. If you’re a religious person, you can say prayers for protection, yet the best way is to contact a professional magic practitioner as soon as possible and ask for an amulet to protect your relationship against black magic or for a ritual to protect your relationship.

Fourthly, listed to your intuition or sixth sense. Most people can sense black magic if they work with their subconscious mind and intuition for a while.

Fifthly, a strange feeling during arguments can also be a sign of a lemon spell to break up a relationship and black magic in general. It’s like what happens to you isn’t real. All those mean words are coming out of your mouth because something makes you say them. It’s like your partner isn’t himself (herself) either, as if someone’s controlling him (her). If you have this feeling, take measures immediately.

It’s very difficult to remove break up spells without being a professional spellcaster. Prayers and meditation are of little help. Only professional magic services provided by a skilled spellcaster can help you save your relationship. Luckily, it’s not difficult to find magic practitioners providing such services.

However, having contact information of a professional spellcaster is a necessity not only for people who value their relationship and want to prevent spells from harming them, but also for people who cast spells. Many spells have very serious and sometimes tragic consequences which can be eliminated only by professional and never by amateurish magic.

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