Can You Sell Broken Gold Jewellery

You went through your jewellery box and found some old gold jewellery lying around not worn for ages. There are broken gold necklaces to outdated gold rings, all of them not seeing the light of day. The problem is they are all taking up space and damaged.

But, did you know you can sell gold jewellery near me even if it is broken? Yes, you can sell from perfect gold pieces to not perfect ones. Hence, here is what you need to know the value of your unwanted gold jewellery.

Why is Your Gold Jewellery Valuable?

When you sell your old gold jewellery to a gold dealer, it is valuable for the gold content to be recycled through the refining process. Gold is worth its weight against the current gold price.

Gold dealers will buy any Broken gold jewellery such as

  • Incomplete gold jewellery sets like single earrings
  • Broken jewellery
  • Outdated jewellery
  • Jewellery from an Ex
  • Gold Teeth
  • Gold coins/ bars

Gold dealers buy these items to melt them down for reusing them in something new such as gold bullion.

Why Sell Gold Jewellery

In any person’s life, a family falls on hard times. So, what is there for you to do? You take your gold jewellery or coins to sell it for extra cash to pay bills or cover your gas bill. Selling your jewellery is an intelligent way to get fast money.

However, needing extra cash is not always the only reason people sell their gold jewellery. There are times the jewellery loses its lustre and appeal. For example, the gold ring was considered an heirloom only worn for special occasions.

Like fashion, jewellery goes out of style, and when it loses its appeal, you sell it to make place for newer items. So, grandmas inherited gold jewellery is sold to pay for your child’s college education or other bills.

Lastly, more divorces are taking place, and a healthy way to end it and move on is to sell your gold engagement ring. The truth is there is no more stigma attached to selling your anniversary tennis bracelet or engagement ring to forget about a painful split.

Why do gold buyers pay more for gold jewellery than pawnshops?

The reason is that with a gold buyer, you get trained staff that specialise only in gold. As a result, the gold dealer can identify the items faster. In addition, they use non-destructive methods such as X-Ray fluorescence technology to determine what karat jewellery you have before quoting you a price.

Still, some gold dealers use other methods such as a scratch stone and acid. These methods are less accurate and best to ask before handing over your gold for scrap jewellery. Dealing with a gold dealer cuts out the middleman. They buy gold in large quantities before melting it down at the gold refinery.

Final Thoughts What to Do Next

Now that you are informed about selling your gold jewellery to a reputable gold buyer, even broken ones. The next step is to do a search online “sell gold jewellery near me.” Then, choose a gold dealer based on the reviews and offering the highest price per gram. It still might be worth your time getting three quotes to ensure you can get the best price.

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