CBD and its plantation

What is CBD?

Hello everyone, whether it is a group of medical marijuana growers or those interested in studying cannabis. If you talk about marijuana, then It would be inevitable that the topic of CBD, the substance in cannabis. For this article, you will share a little more understanding of cannabis. What is CBD? That’s the same thing.

What is CBD in cannabis?

If you are talking about CBD or CBD kaufen in cannabis plants, those who do not know or may not be familiar with cannabis may not know that. What exactly is it?

It’s the CBD in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids, or in English name (cannabinoid), CBD is extracted from the hemp plant or cannabis and has medicinal properties. They are used in medicine for many benefits, such as treating Parkinson’s disease, helping to treat Alzheimer’s. Help in the treatment of epilepsy, etc. Due to the nascency of the industry, it is important to take time out to research reputable brands. One such brand in the UK is Cannacares, who offer a wide variety of products, ranging from CBD capsules to transdermal CBD patches.

Where is CBD found most?

CBD is found in plants that belong to the cannabis family. It is found in Sativa strains that contain less than 1 percent THC. According to Thai law, you call it hemp. In America, marijuana that contains less than 0.3 percent THC is called hemp, but if found that contains a substance THC higher than 0.3 percent, It is called marijuana. In Europe, the substance THC is not more than 0.2% is called hemp. That depends on the determination of each country itself. As I understand, In Europe, the percentage value is lower than that of Thailand and America. CBD is extracted. It is obtained from various parts of cannabis, including the stem, flowers, and leaves of the hemp plant. It is not derived from hemp seeds, as CBD is not found in the seeds.

Did CBD found only in hemp?

CBD can be found in both hemp and hemp, but most CBD kaufen is found in hemp, and very little CBD is found in cannabis. Therefore, it is preferable to extract CBD in hemp than in cannabis. In short, whether in hemp or cannabis, the extracted CBD has the same properties.

How to plant cannabis seeds with tissues

Planting seeds is considered an essential skill for today’s growers and is therefore highly recommended. How to plant cannabis seeds with tissues Germination of seeds is very easy. A few conditions are required for seeds to germinate with temperature, humidity, oxygen, and proper darkness. There are many different methods for seed germination. But the way I’m going to mention it is the way I’ve done it every time and was successful every time. If the seeds are good enough Paper Towel Method.

The paper towel method or our local language, “Growing seeds using tissues,” is easy. and does not require a lot of equipment can equipment from home.

Equipment needed to grow cannabis seeds.

  • seed
  • glass
  • Cheap tissues. No need to mix perfume. or something strange
  • Clean water, I recommend it be tap water set for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to disappear first.
  • Two small plates, reminiscent of a plate of sticky rice. or an opaque box with a lid.

Cannabis seed planting process

1. Soak cannabis seeds in the refrigerator.

Place the seeds you want to plant in the refrigerator for 24 hours to mimic the spontaneous emergence of the CBD kaufen plant. This usually occurs during the cold spring.

2. Soak cannabis seeds in a glass.

Take a glass of water, about 50% – 70% of water, then put the cannabis seeds in it and try to use his finger to drown the seeds. A good cannabis seed will drown if it doesn’t sink; that’s fine. Then take a glass with the seeds and store them in a dark place or find a cloth to cover it in complete darkness By keeping it at average room temperature for 24 hours.