Choosing The Right Outdoor Pallet Shelving System For Your Business

Installing outdoor pallet shelving can, in many situations, prove to be a winning choice in terms of productivity, allowing you to store materials and equipment in an easily accessible manner. Of course, this also depends on the type of industry you are engaged in; some of the ventures that would benefit from outdoor pallet racking include lumber and steel mills, power plants, and warehouses where raw materials can be stored outside before being taken inside in batches for completion. The type of outdoor pallet shelving you will opt for thus varies with the industry which you are engaged in. Here is a rundown of some of the different types of pallet racking available, to help you choose the type that is right for you.

Types of Outdoor Pallet Shelving

Selective Shelving

Selective pallet shelving is the most commonly used type of pallet racking, for both indoor and outdoor pallet shelving, due to its high versatility and low cost. This system is referred to as “selective” because it allows certain pallets to be moved from and stored within the racking system without requiring the movement of any other pallets. This makes it easier to withdraw and deposit inventory. However, it affords a relatively lower pallet storage capacity, meaning that other options would prove more feasible if you require a high-volume storage solution.

Drive-in Shelving

Drive-in racking is ideal for storing small quantities of large and bulky items, as forklifts can easily drive into the outdoor pallet racking system to store and retrieve pallets. However, attention has to be paid to their design, as they can end up being cumbersome if not implemented correctly. These also need to be made from durable materials; otherwise, an error on the part of the forklift driver could result in significant damage to your inventory.

Double-deep Pallet Shelving

Double-deep pallet shelving allows warehouse operators to optimize their use of space and is a good match for first-in, last-out (FILO) warehouse management. In this shelving system, there are two pallets per shelf, with one positioned tightly behind another; when a second pallet is placed on the shelf, it pushes back the first. This makes for more aisle room, but a special forklift is required to access the rear pallet, and this system may not prove useful if you aren’t using a FILO system.

Push-back Racking

Push-back racking, in some ways, takes the concept of double-deep shelving even further, as it involves pallets being stacked in front of each other on inclined rails, so that when the furthest pallet is taken out, the others move down to the front of the shelf. This maximizes storage efficiency, allowing more inventory to be stored in a given area, and makes this system faster when it comes to loading and unloading, as the pallets automatically come down to the aisle. However, the issue this system experiences is pallets becoming stuck or damaged, which will require immediate attention to prevent storage space from being wasted.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is the right choice if you deal with items that can’t easily be stored on pallets, such as pipes or lumber. However, overloading is an issue that needs to be considered when using this type of outdoor shelving system. Personnel need to be familiar with the appropriate amount of inventory that can be stored at one time, which is especially important when storing lumber. Still, the unobstructed storage space makes it ideal for its specific use cases.

Eastern Win’s Outdoor Pallet Shelving solutions

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