Cylynt Review – Anti-Piracy, License Compliance, and Software Monetization Solutions

Cylynt provides anti-piracy, license compliance, and software monetization technology to help companies protect their customers and make smart business decisions. Using telemetry data, the company analyzes and helps clients detect and correct licensing issues. The company also offers solutions for every budget and can help companies with compliance and auditing processes. For more information, visit the Cylynt website. You can learn about their services and see how they can benefit your business.

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The company provides software as a service to companies to detect illegal cracked software installations. Its ranger technology can monitor multiple releases and can report on multiple software versions. The ranger’s signatures are continuously updated, making it easy for you to detect piracy. Moreover, the company offers a SaaS portal to track and manage your software assets. The company is a leading software antipiracy and license compliance expert, trusted by many of the world’s largest software companies to protect $50 billion of software assets.

The Cylynt ranger detection solution is effective in detecting illegal cracked software installations. The product reports on multiple software releases and can monitor legacy releases without phone-home technology. The ranger’s signatures are also continuously updated. As a SaaS, the system can easily be integrated with the customer’s systems. In addition, its function calls are heavily obfuscated, so the criminals won’t be able to detect them. It also collects telemetry, user activity data, configuration data, IP-based location, and Wi-Fi-based location.

The software industry is experiencing a severe shortage of legitimate licenses. This situation is putting software developers at a significant disadvantage and costs them $46 billion per year. With Cylynt solutions, you can protect your company’s revenue by recovering lost revenue from piracy and under compliance and uncover additional revenue opportunities. These innovative technologies can prevent the theft and misuse of software, and keep your customers safe.CYLYNT is a great choice for any software vendor.

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The Cylynt license compliance platform helps software manufacturers protect their brands from piracy. The software’s licenses are protected by a comprehensive suite of protections. As a result, you won’t have to worry about unlicensed software installation and theft of your brand name. This solution also helps companies prevent malware attacks and improve their productivity. The cost of cybercrime has been rising by 30% every year. Fortunately, the solutions are becoming more affordable for everyone.

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The Cylynt software development kit is the most effective way to prevent software pirates. The tool analyzes the dynamic-link library to detect underlying modifications. This data is then reported back to the SaaS portal for the company. The software’s communication with the server is encrypted to avoid being detected by piracy. The data collected by the Cylynt system can include telemetry, user activity data, and IP-based and Wi-Fi location information.

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