Detailed About Rapid Application Development Model- RAD

Today we will talk about software development as well as the RAD model. Software development is not a small process. It is not something that can be discussed and prepared in a short period. Software development is an art that requires a lot of effort and good practice.  Requires the Benefits of legacy application modernization for enterprises.

Over time, many of the developers and leaders of the group who design and manage the development of such software have proposed several methodologies to develop specific software quickly. Many essential steps need to be understood and implemented adequately for smooth action.

The emergence of RAD:

Whether or not Rapid Application Development is used depends mainly on the starting conditions, customer requirements, and the type of application.

Here are some benefits of rapid application development model.

  • High quality. User interaction with prototypes enhances the functionality of rapid application development projects. Such software can better meet the customer’s needs (end-user) than using agile techniques.
  • Risk Control – While the lion’s share of RAD content focuses on speed and user engagement as critical features of the model, a third significant benefit cannot be ruled out – risk reduction. Interestingly, Boehm, who created the first version of RAD, characterized the spiral model as risk-based.
  • Using rapid application development allows you to focus on and adapt to the main risk factors early.
  • Per unit of time, more projects are executed within the budget. Since RAD implies an incremental development model, the chances of critical errors, which often occur in large projects using the system, are reduced.
  • Suppose in projects on a system, the implementation of the project was possible after six or more months of analysis and development, then in RAD. In that case, all the necessary information is opened earlier while creating an application itself.
  • An incremental development model is a software development format that divides a product into relatively independent components. The latter is developed and commissioned separately.

For web app development, you need to Customize your enterprise web application development.

Basics (principles) of rapid application development:

RAD’s principles focus on delivering the key benefits of a rapid application development methodology:

  1. Increased development speed
  2. Low cost
  3. High quality.

With the last point, the most problems arise because the developer and the customer see the development subject differently.

  1. To address this and other problems, the following RAD principles were as follows:
  2. Prototyping – creating prototypes to specific customer requirements.
  3. Cyclical development – each new version of the product is based on assessing the result of the previous version by the customer.
  4. Collaboration – the development team must interact closely with each other; each participant must be ready to fulfill several responsibilities.
  5. An iterative approach to development
  6. Combining testing and system development.

RAD principles are used during the implementation and apply to all stages of the life cycle, in particular, to the location of organization survey, requirements building, analysis and design. Before developed the software, you need to Compare SDLC Vs RAD platform Methodology.

The RAD methodology will suit your project if:

  • Speed and ease of development are essential for him to
  • The priority directions of the project development are clearly defined
  • You need to develop an application in a short time
  • The project is being carried out under a limited budget
  • The main criterion is the user interface
  • It is possible to split the project into functional components.

Rapid application development methodology will not suit your project if:

  • Quality and control are important to him
  • We are talking about creating a large-scale project – the estimated maximum application development time is 60-90 days, and when writing hundreds of thousands of lines of program code, it is almost impossible to comply with such a limitation
  • The safety of people depends to a certain extent on the application.