Different types of men’s streetwear

The world of streetwear is a wide and varied one. Many different types of clothing fall under the “streetwear” umbrella, each with its own characteristics and style. From baggy to slim, this article has all the info you need on how to wear different types of mens streetwear so you can be sure you’re looking good no matter what trend catches your eye!


Baggy clothing is the most casual type of streetwear. Baggy clothes are loose, comfortable, and can be worn by anyone. Baggy clothing can be worn in any season, but it’s trendy in the summertime because it allows circulation and keeps you cool. The term baggy also refers to a specific style that’s very common and affordable. If you’re looking for something that will make you look young, athletic, and stylish all at once, this could be your best bet!


Skinny jeans are a men’s streetwear trend popular with the youth. These jeans are skinny and include a loose fit, but are not as tight as super thin. Skinny jeans can be worn with sneakers or boots to give you that casual look, or you can go for a more formal look by wearing them with dress shoes and a button-down shirt.


Carrot jeans are known for their longer length, higher waist, and baggier fit. The material is often cotton or linen, and the thigh region is more comprehensive than usual.


A boyfriend jean is a relaxed fit that can be baggy around the waist, thighs, and knees. It’s an American style with origins in California. It’s often worn by men who want to look like they’re not trying too hard but still like to wear stylish clothes.

The boyfriend jean is similar to a regular pair of jeans, except it has a looser fit around the legs and may be longer than regular jeans.


A popular trend in streetwear is frayed streetwear. Frayed streetwear is a type of distressed men’s streetwear often worn with black jeans and a tee. This style is trendy among men who want to look stylish and modern but still be able to wear fashionable clothes that will make them stand out from the crowd.


This is the most common type of streetwear on the runway. Ripped jeans are usually distressed with a hole in the knee or thigh (or both) and have frayed edges that look like they got caught in a lawnmower.

They’re easy to find at any major department store, but if you want to save money on your ripped jeans, check out Amazon for deals on different brands.


Destroyed jeans are the perfect jeans for summer. They’re durable, comfortable, and look great with any outfit you have in your closet. You can wear them with a flannel shirt or leather jacket or t-shirt.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of destroyed jeans!


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