Distinguishing Various Personal Care Services

Personal home care services have become an essential aspect for some older adults. These services can provide them with significant help and support to perform day-to-day tasks. Although, some families are still confused regarding various personal care services. This blog will help you learn more about the types of personal care services. 

It would help you stay aware of the different personal home health care services. Such factors can help you decide on a particular type of care for your loved ones. Let us distinguish various personal care services for older adults without any further ado. 

  • Personal care

Personal care is also known as companionship care. Such a type of home health care provides complete help to the elderly. For example, when you hire personal care services for your loved ones, the home care professional will help the older adults in everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and other household tasks. 

This type of service enables the family of the elderly to be independent and feel safe about the elderly’s health. Personal care services are mainly associated with self-care like grooming, bathing, etc. The caretaker can ensure the patient’s safety and prevent them from falling. 

  • Private duty nursing care 

Private duty nursing care is designated for older people who need more supervised help and support for themselves. You must hire personal duty nursing care if the elderly in your family has been suffering from a chronic disease, injury, or disability. 

Home-based skilled nursing care can monitor your loved ones’ health and provide support to ensure their well-being. Private nursing care can offer care for diseases and health conditions like Spinal cord injury or Traumatic brain injury. If the patient’s condition gets critical, you can also expect ventilator care from private duty care. 

  • Home health care 

Home health care is the opposite of private duty nursing care. If you need short-term help for an older adult in your family, you should hire home health care. The nurse in-home health care helps the patient by being directed by a physician. 

The primary objective of employing home health care is to prevent the patient from hospital visits. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are the services offered by home health care. Each service falling under home health care will be a short-term home nursing service.  

Hiring health care for your loved ones could be a crucial decision. Before choosing any type of health care, ensure that your loved ones are comfortable and safe around them. Otherwise, employing personal care services would be useless.