Fabulous Features Of PDFs You Should Know About

PDFs were first introduced in the year 1993 and were made an open standard in the year 2008. Since then, this file format has been used extensively in all fields like medicine, legal, research, and many more. Nearly two decades later, we still use PDFs for all our documentation. But what does PDF stands for, and why are they so popular?

PDFs stand for Portable Document Format and are the most versatile and widely used file formats because of their unique features. The soaring popularity of PDFs is because of the fantastic range of features. In this article, we will read about the characteristics of PDFs that make them the best.

  • Portable

The word stands tall in the name itself. Portable means the document can be shared across various platforms easily without worrying too much about the dependencies. The file will work just fine on any other system or browser. 

  • Security

The password protection feature is the best feature of PDFs. The file can be encrypted and shared across many platforms, and no one will be able to access it without the correct password. Any file format that is safe and secure becomes prevalent in fields that share sensitive information

  • Consistent

Consistency is the key, and PDFs take the quote quite seriously. No matter how much you share the file, the content of the file will remain intact and consistent. You will see the content gets messed up after sharing in many file formats, but that is not the case with PDFs. 

  • Highly compressional 

Files containing many graphics, images, tabular data, etc., tend to be higher in size. A large file takes up a lot of space in memory and a lot of time in sharing. But PDFs are a file format that can be compressed without compromising the quality of content. You can use any online tool to resize the file and save as PDF

  • e-Signature

The feature of e-signature is essential when we are all working from home. It is as authentic as a physical signature on paper. It saves us a lot of time and paper. PDFs’ security also protects your signature from getting into the wrong hands. 


PDFs’ popularity is not fading because it offers their users fantastic features. All offices, businesses, and workplaces prefer to save and share their documents in PDF file format. Use PDFs; you won’t be disappointed. 


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