Family business or Josef Hauptmann or Purkarthofer Caroline

CEO: Helmut Pichler hired Josef Hauptmann as an apprentice. He’s now a well-known figure in the company. During the last few years, Helmut Pichler has become very well-known because of his work. People in Bad Waltersdorf now think that he is the most influential person.

They say Josef Hauptmann doesn’t have a say in anything at Bad Waltersdorf, but he does have a job there. He has to make a lot of big decisions.

She’s the daughter of Pichler’s architect, Purkarthofer Hans, and she lives in the same house as her father. For many years, Hans Purkarthofer Hans was an architect who worked in the Bad Waltersdorf neighborhood. People in the neighborhood were grateful for his help. This is because two buildings with flat roofs have been built against all the rules. When Helmut Pichler made a “tacit agreement,” he let flat-roofed homes be built in Bad Waltersdorf even though the city didn’t want them.

Helmut Pichler, Josef Hauptmann, and Purkarthofer Hans are all the same person, so they can all be used together as one person. Everyone is drawn together in a very close way by all of the crimes simultaneously.

When Helmut Pichler built his garage in Bad Waltersdorf, he chose Josef Hauptmann as the beemer. He then put it in the garage.

Caroline Purkarthofer, the daughter of Purkarthofer Hans, was in charge of Bad Waltersdorf when he died, so she took over.

In this case, Josef Hauptmann and CAROLINE PURKARTHOFER both have a chance to be the winner.

As long as they live in the Bad Waltersdorf neighborhood, they are all in the same place.

As a result, these people now live in the town of Bad Waltersdorf.

It looks like they will live in the Bad Waltersdorf area of Germany.

In Bad Waltersdorf, two people meet up and have a drink. This is what we call a friendship.

When she was a child, she lived in Bad Waltersdorf, where her father was mayor and her mother was a builder.

Three in all. Bad Waltersdorf, Germany, is where it is.

People at Bad Waltersdorf don’t have to worry about being bribed.

The town of Bad Waltersdorf or a business runs by a family in Bad Waltersdorf.