Finding Compatibility by First Name with Numerology

When referring to numerology as an astrological context. Or, if you happen to have a numerology consultation, the numerologist will probably tell you that numerology is the numerical value of names, words and ideas and their significance and association with our human lives.

One of the popular uses of numerology, when you talk to astro, is gauging compatibility between two people and helping one find the ideal partner. Of the numerous aspects of numerology and its use in finding compatibility, we will explore finding compatibility by the first name in this article.

Compatibility by First Name

When discussing compatibility by the first name, it is believed that numerology can help determine the love, empathy, attraction, and like-mindedness between couples.

The method involved in determining compatibility by first name using numerology involves the following table.

A = J = S = 1

B = K = T = 2

C = L = U = 3

D = M = V = 4

E = N = W = 5

F = O = X = 6

G = P = Y = 7

H = Q = Z = 8

I = R = 9

The number assigned to your right is the value bundlenews of the alphabet on the left. Let us take an example to show the calculator and how everything works. There is a couple whose first names are TOM and EVE.

Referring to the chart above –

TOM = 2+6+4 = 12, then we take this sum of 12, break them into two numbers and add them, 1+2 = 3

EVE = 5+4+5= 14, 1+4 =5

To get the torque number, we add three from TOM and five from EVE, which will give eight as your torque number.

What does the torque number 8 mean or signify regarding your compatibility based on the first names? Here are the numbers list and their meanings to help you with the meaning and significance of numbers ( 1 to 9).

Number 1

The torque number 1 represents instant attraction, your eyes met, and you fell in love. This kind of attraction may seem rosy and pink initially but can turn into a fatal attraction over time. The number 1 means that you have to keep your head clear, tread lightly in your relationship, and not just be blinded by emotion and passion.

Number 2

The number 2 is referred to as the number of the ‘couple’. So if this number comes up, you two are made for each other. Some say love is hard work; for you, love is simple and easy and as natural as breathing air.

Number 3

The number 3 is not far from number 2 when it comes to the quality of the relationship. With this number as your torque number, you both have an ideal partner to celebrate life with and one to grow old with.

Number 4

This number represents slow-burner compatibility. A good thing worth having takes time, which is what number 4 denotes. There may be some shyness and caution initially, but do not give up on it, thinking it to lack of interest on anyone’s part. You both are just testing the water before you take the plunge. Be patient, keep in touch and when the right moment comes, it will just come.

Number 5

The number 5 represents high passion, crazy love and a volatile relationship. You both wear your hearts on your sleeves, and you let each other know that. Unfortunately, this generally gives root to unrealistic expectations, which over time can lead to frustration and feelings of insecurity. The relationship may seem passionate and exciting, but they do not make for a healthy and lasting relationship. So take some time off and go for a vacation with your friends and family. Sometimes to see things more clearly, the big picture, one needs to look from afar.

Number 6

If your numerological compatibility with first names comes with the number 6, it means balance and harmony. You two are in sync and tune like the strumming of a guitar and a sweet melody. You compliment each other and make each other whole.

Number 7

This number closely resembles torque number 4. You two tunai4d might feel attracted to each other, but before you become more serious, you need to feel each other out. Get to know one’s likes and dislikes, desires and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses and so on before you fully commit to each other.

Number 8

The number 8 represents emotions. Your relationship is a fiery one of extremes. There is no middle ground. It is either hot or frigid. High on emotions generally means the shutting down of the brain. For a relationship of this kind to work, the couple needs to find a middle ground to have an adult conversation, and talk about where the relationship is going.

Number 9

The number 9 represents absolute compatibility. You are in a fairy tale, and there will be a happy ever after for you.


Numerological compatibility is a vast subject, including the date of birth numerology, life path compatibility and other such compatibility aspects. Finding a qualified best numerologist in india can help you find a compatible partner through numerology.

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