Form and structure of the building

The construction of a building, building a house รับสร้างบ้าน or building may not always be according to the architect’s design. This change may be due to the materials available in the market. or a variety of forms of materials or components of a building, knowledge and experience in building materials and components is essential in the design and construction of buildings บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน In addition to real construction knowledge in the field Building builders should take into account the main objectives of the system to lead the construction to that objective.

  • Determining the contents of the construction, the scale and the ratio of the various usable areas within the building.
  • Arrange the desired activities according to the appropriate size in the available space.
  • Determine the area of ​​the usable area according to the purpose in relation to the use of the building.
  • Determine walkways to various parts of the building and various entrances and exits. both horizontally and vertically (stairs or elevator) to be convenient
  • Visible patterns such as shapes, areas, brightness, colors, textures. and the form of the building
  • The image of the building that represents the assembly of the building describes the characteristics of the neighboring buildings. and things around the building including trees in the surrounding area

This book focuses on providing information about design patterns. and the construction of buildings in accordance with the intended purpose so that the usability of the building meets the criteria

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system of each building can be described in the form of leading parts of buildings that are related to each other to form a complex shape in order to achieve the intended purpose according to the style of each building We can understand it from the shape of the various physical systems. related Then brought together to form a three-dimensional composition in different areas. of the whole building

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  1. Various systems in the building

Structural System

The building structure is designed to support all loads. which is caused by the vertical gravity of the earth and horizontal lateral forces, such as earthquake forces that transfer all loads and forces to the ground without causing the weight at each point to exceed the soil’s ability to support

  • The structure above the soil surface is the structure of the building above the building foundation
  • Columns, beams and load-bearing concrete walls support the weight of the floor and the roof structure.
  • The underground structure is The foundation structure of all buildings

Enclosure System

The building’s closed system is The part of the building that acts to cover the building from the outside, such as the roof, exterior walls, doors, windows, etc.

  • roof and exterior walls It serves to protect the indoor space from bad weather conditions. Control humidity, heat and wind that blows inside the building.
  • The building’s exterior walls and roof also reduce noise for safety. and privacy for residents inside the building
  • Doors provide entry and exit for residents.
  • Window provides light, wind and scenery.
  • Interior walls and partitions It serves to divide the interior space into sub-units according to shape and size for different uses.Visit Here: f95

System work in the building (Mechanical Systems)

System work in the building is System arrangement for various important and necessary utilities for the building.

  • Water system Make the building have water for consumption and consumption.
  • Wastewater system to remove waste water and various wastes. out of the building
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems. make the indoor climate comfortable and pleasant to live in
  • Electrical system to control measure consumption and prevent short circuit current to the building and supply electricity to various devices inside the building safely
  • elevator and escalator system Transports building occupants from the first floor to the different floors. inside the building withRead More About: sdedc

Height from medium to very high

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  • Fire protection system. performs detecting and extinguishing functions
  • High-rise buildings may need space for garbage collection and disposal. as well as a recycling system

in selecting, collecting and designing various systems The following factors should be considered

performance or standard level (Performance Requirements)

  • Characteristics and styles of buildings that are harmonious and safe.
  • Fire resistance and fire prevention.
  • The thickness of the parts required.
  • Control of heat and air flow in and out of the building.
  • Water level control and water evaporation.
  • Support for subsidence, expansion or contraction due to temperature and rise.
  • Noise reduction from outside the building. Soundproofing from noisy rooms loud inside the building and soundproofing in rooms that require privacy within the same building
  • Surface coating to reduce various erosion.
  • Decoration, cleanliness and maintenance.
  • Various security systems

Aesthetic Qualities

  • The relationship between the building and the place around the building, the condition of the adjacent land. and surrounding area
  • Individual needs for shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, textures. and other details

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