Four Reasons You Cannot Trust Your Friends’ Divorce Advice in Newton

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, you may start getting advice from your friends. While you can take their advice on a lot of other things, you must not follow your friends’ suggestions blindly in terms of a divorce. Although your friends have your best interest in mind, their advice may not be always good for your situation. What worked for them may not work for you. Keep in mind that every divorce is different and requires a unique game plan. The best person to get advice from is an experienced Newton divorce attorney because they have the knowledge and expertise to handle the divorce process for you. The following are reasons you should not rely on your friends for divorce advice:

They May Think Divorces are the Same

When you get divorce-related advice from friends who have gone through the process before, they will tell you about what has worked for them. However, divorces are not the same and making wrong choices can have costly legal or financial ramifications down the road. Also, you may end up getting advice that does not lead to favorable settlements. Even if your friend is a financial or legal expert, make sure to speak with a professional who specializes in family law or asset division. 

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Your Friends May Not Be Aware of Your Marriage Situation

Only you and your spouse know exactly what goes on in your marriage. Regardless of how close you are to a friend, they do not know everything about your situation. While your friend may be aware of your income, the worth of your marital house, or your savings, they do not know how such assets must be split in a divorce. Also, they may not be aware of how to legally or objectively process your financial details. 

Your Friends are Not Divorce Law Experts

Unless your friends practice Massachusetts family law, they may not be aware of divorce law. Keep in mind that second-hand knowledge is different from first-hand knowledge of the actual law. Family law in the state is complicated. From equitable asset distribution to child support, each divorce comes with unique nuances. 

Your Friends Don’t Give Objective Advice

People hire lawyers because of their knowledge, expertise, and objectivity. A great lawyer views your situation objectively, which means without being emotionally involved. Meanwhile, your friends’ advice will always be based on emotions because they want things to be okay for you. However, this won’t help you get the right divorce settlement you deserve.