Have a workers’ compensation claim in Virginia? Consider lawyering up! 

Getting injured at work can be a terrifying experience. It can be even more frightening to know that you cannot return to work because of the injury, or have suffered permanent damage that can alter your life and career. In Virginia, injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation insurance is a type of no-fault insurance. No matter what caused the injury, you are entitled to benefits, provided you are eligible. In your best interests, you may want to hire a work injury attorney in Virginia. In this post, let’s discuss why lawyering up is a good idea. 

Taking the first steps

Immediately after getting injured at work, you have to seek medical care and must inform your employer. Don’t let anyone tell you that your injuries don’t need medical attention. You have to notify your supervisor or employer within 30 days from the date of injury, although it is advisable to do so at the earliest. 

Know your rights

If you want to file a workers’ compensation claim, you have to do so within 2 years from the date of injury. The deadline has been set by the statute of limitations. Also, you should know that you cannot sue your employer for a work-related injury. It is a sort of immunity that all employers have, but your employer cannot discriminate against you because you have filed a workers’ compensation claim. For instance, you can take legal action if you were wrongfully terminated from the job or have been demoted because you filed the claim. 

The role of a work injury lawyer

Winning a fair settlement for your workers’ compensation claim is not easy. Once you inform your employer, they will notify the insurance company, but don’t expect the claims adjuster to empathize with your situation. In fact, they will do everything that it takes to deny a claim or reduce the settlement. An attorney is your best bet at knowing your rights and the benefits you are entitled to. Keep in mind that workers’ compensation claims are routinely denied, and without an attorney, you may accept too little, too soon. If your claim has been denied, your lawyer can help you appeal and take further steps to win a fair settlement. 

Most work injury lawyers work on a contingency fee, and therefore, you don’t have to pay the attorney immediately to fight for your workers’ compensation claim. Get an attorney now.

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