How Can Cheating Affect Your Divorce in Connecticut?

Many divorce cases are brought about by infidelity. One or both parties may have filed for divorce as a result of cheating. The state determines whether or not infidelity will be considered in divorce procedures. Adultery-based divorce claims are allowed in most states. Cheating on a judge’s rulings, such as alimony or child custody, could have an impact in some states. When it comes to Connecticut, it generally falls under no-fault divorce states. Many people here think that adultery and cheating don’t have any outcome.

This is not completely true. To seek a divorce, an individual does not have to claim and prove improper conduct, such as adultery. This doesn’t mean that the court will not look at this factor at all. This might definitely have some affect when deciding alimony or property distribution. You must contact a good Connecticut divorce lawyer to find detailed information on this. You could contact the lawyer from Broder Orland Murray & Demattie LLC for the best divorce lawyers.

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Alimony in Connecticut

Alimony will not be granted in all the cases usually. Besides, when a judge announces alimony one spouse has to pay the other spouse the said amount in the court for a specific period of time. The main goal of alimony is to bring balance to both the individual’s financial condition. This means with alimony both the parties will be out of poverty.

There are many reasons why many couples are choosing divorce these days. Some of those reasons include lack of commitment, infidelity, abuse, unrealistic expectations and arguing too much. Earlier, most of the states needed a spouse, who applied for divorce to prove that his partner is at fault. However now, there are many states which approve no-fault divorces. In the no fault divorces you don’t have to prove that your partner is at fault. 

Even though Connecticut is a no-fault divorce state, you can still file your divorce under fault-based divorce. You can ask for divorce in Connecticut, if your spouse has cheated on you. If you can prove that your spouse had sex with somebody else or committed adultery, then judge will take this into account and decide whether to provide you alimony or not. Hence, you need to make sure that you keep all the necessary proofs ready. Take the help of your lawyer to understand what kind of proofs you need to submit. 

Take the help of an experienced divorce lawyer in your location today to avoid worrying about unnecessary things!

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