How do CBD breed developments work?

From that said, it can mix species because of cannabis. Just like humans, there are women, men, or so-called males, females, and how to look at what gender they are. If it is female, it will have pointed flowers. Two pistils The period to show gender will be released according to segments. Before a large bouquet, The male will be around the egg. When the male grows up, there will be a large bouquet. Knowing that it’s male, cut it off. Why cut? Because of the seed, That seed may change the species. In addition to male and female, there are also bisexual (Banana), both male and female flowers emerge. If mixed, it will reduce the substance as well. Each CBD kaufen plant consumes a different amount of water. The fertilizer is not the same. There are different flower colors. The laboratory first planted 47 species, 82 plants; planting area 6 x 7 must be inspected daily. must be observed more than usual because we do not know to plant.

The difference between cannabis and hemp

The only difference is the amount of THC; hemp can’t look at the leaves. The leaf will only tell if it’s a swastika or an indica. But what the law requires is that if less than 1 percent of THC in hemp, if more than 1 percent is cannabis.

What types of hemp can be grown? There are three types of hemp in the country: hemp grown for its CBD kaufen inflorescences, and hemp, where the seeds are squeezed out of oil. Finally, the fiber type. Using leaves, branches, FDA said that hemp and cannabis should not be planted within a radius of 10 kilometers because the type of seed must have a male. The way he took the fibers, he didn’t look at the male and female because it was a male, and the pollen size at 24 microns of the male could fly about 10 kilometers away.

Cultivation of hemp, the FDA says that you can choose to plant six types:

  1. Planted for the benefit of government agencies
  2. planted for tradition
  3. commercial cultivation
  4. grown for medical purposes
  5. planted for education
  6. Planted to develop certified seeds

No matter which plant you choose, there must be a clear source of trade to be correct that the FDA issued this law because if the market is overflowing, It can be used to do other things. But if we can tell that someone bought us. Can be planted In conclusion, you will need permission, just like marijuana, if you want to grow CBD kaufen. But it’s easier to ask. There is no need for CCTV, no finger scan, but it must have a fence around it to be safe.

Principles of planting, how to plant

Outdoor ( Outdoor ) because it is an open system. Need to buy a natural bulb growth by golden hour lower capital But be careful of pests Harvest can be done once a year. If you can do it twice a year at the maximum, the cost is low, but the risk is high.

Houses ( Indoor ) must use light bulbs. The bulb I use as a spotlight, which is only 70 percent insufficient light, inside my house. I can’t grow Thai varieties at all. Because of the ceiling and insufficient light, my research favored a hybrid species. The advantage of this room is Can control the temperature with air conditioning.

Control humidity, control CO2, but can’t control red mites. This type of planting can be defined as 4-5 times a year because we can control the fire. But the disadvantage is expensive, high cost.

Greenhouse Combine the advantages of outdoors and greenhouses. There is a transparent plastic roof to prevent rain. Use the sun no need to buy bulbs, but the greenhouse effect’s heat must try to make the greenhouse open or put an exhaust fan. If the humidity is high, the flowers will be moldy. Be sure to watch the wind direction, do not make the house hot—emphasis on transparency.