How Thick Should Your Mattress Be for Your Comfort?


One generally spends a third of their lifetime on a mattress. It is vital that the bed mattress one sleeps on is of good quality and appropriate thickness to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep specialists recommend superior-quality supportive mattresses to hold your spine as you rest. A thin mattress or thick mattress must have a sound support system to improve your health. It is important to sleep in the right posture, and when you buy a bed mattress online, it is imperative to tick the boxes that will ensure the good condition of your spine.

Thick mattresses are generally associated with good-quality sleep, but there are other aspects to consider when you shop for a mattress online. A good quality mattress depends on the thickness, height, depth and foam. Consider the key aspects when you go to a mattress shop.

Why Does Mattress Thickness Matter?

Apart from mattress prices and sizes, the right kind of mattress thickness is essential. The thickness of the mattress is directly correlated to the support and comfort it offers and ticks the box of a quality mattress. It also depend on the comfort of individuals. Some prefer a contouring and sinking mattress for a good night’s sleep. This is why the thickness and density of the material matter for support. Mattresses are in layers, and each layer has to be well constructed for optimum support and convenience. Each layer holds the body and sometimes excess thickness could also be a problem. This often occurs when the materials used to make the mattress are of low quality.

The thickness of the mattress is always the icing on the cake. The comfort layer and support layer of the mattress together contribute to an enhanced sleeping experience and serve different and essential purposes.

What is the Comfort Layer, and How Does it Help?

In a good quality mattress, the comfort layer makes it more suited and plush for the body to feel comfortable. The comfort layer is to offer an instant sense of calm to the body. When you buy a mattress online, you do not want to go to bed on a hard surface. The density and thickness of the comfort layer determine the look and feel of the mattress. The comfort layer controls the body temperature and circulation of air to let one sleep in various postures. It does not confine blood circulation, and the comfort layer is made of PU or memory foam that takes shape according to the structure and kind.

What is the Support Layer, and How Does it Help?

The support layer is what makes a mattress a premium mattress. When you pay for a high-end bed mattress, the price includes the support layer beneath the comfort layer, which is the first layer of support in a mattress. Made of materials like latex, HR, or memory foam, the support layer can be in two places. It helps the mattress structure and shapes it to prevent from sagging. It supports a comfort layer  and offers a layer of support to the body to align posture. It is not the core layer that offers support but one that balances the base and lessens the pressure on other layers, and helps the mattress from sagging or getting ruined.

Mattress Thickness Depending Upon Type

Mattress price often considers the mattress construction and the type of material to facilitate the thickness. To improve the sleeping experience, mattresses will need different levels of thickness that will apply to the comfort and support layers. The density of one layer offers a certain degree of reactive pressure, while the same density of another layer may offer lesser pressure.

Different Mattress Thickness Options

When you order mattresses online of different thickness levels, you can scroll through some basic options. When you buy online, the mattress is categorised according to varying thickness levels, and the general levels are:

  1. Slim mattresses, made of several layers, which are ideal for a guest room or spare use.
  2. Luxury or everyday use mattresses which are 8-12 inches thick and offers good support.
  3. Hospitality or premium which needs to retain their form and shape for several years. These are made of high-density fabric.


If finding the right bed mattress online is a task, then finding the right type is equally important. When you buy mattresses, the bed mattress price will vary depending on the thickness range and other special requirements. Sleep specialists recommend that a thickness of 7-8 inches is ideal. However, choosing the right type of thickness for a mattress will  depend on your needs and style.

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