How to Choose a Tactical Flashlight for Safety and Security

Contrary to what people think, a flashlight is more complex than it may seem. This means various things must be taken into consideration when buying a flashlight.

For some people, the run-of-the-mill regular flashlight may do the trick. In contrast, others may look for more tactical flashlights for safety and security reasons, such as the best police flashlight. These flashlights are water-resistant and explosion-proof, which makes them incredible tactical gear every outdoor enthusiast must have.

So, we are here with all your answers. If you’re wondering about everything, you must keep it in perspective before buying a tactical flashlight.

Law Enforcement Flashlight – An Incredible Tool for Self-Defense

If you have already purchased a few tactical gears for personal defense, you would understand the importance of having a tactical flashlight. For instance, if you are using a handgun as a defense weapon, having the best police flashlight will help you identify your target and see your gun sights in the dark.

And even if you don’t like carrying a gun for self-defense, you can still use a tactical flashlight in more than one way. For example, there are various ways for you to use a tactical flashlight for personal defense, and you can take them into places where guns are banned.

A tactical flashlight helps you in three ways in a challenging situation.

  • Identify Threats – Darkness is the prime object of any attacker. Have you ever felt someone stalking you when all the lights went off on the street? With the help of a tactical flashlight, you identify potential threats by shining light on them.
  • Disorients the Attacker Momentarily – As you know, most attackers use darkness as a cover to attack. With the help of a bright flashlight, you can disorient them momentarily in a low-light environment. This should buy you time to launch your attack on them instead of the other way around.
  • Improvise & Use it as a Weapon – Some of the latest law-enforcement flashlights come with a toothed bezel. You can use this to strike your attacker. This flashlight can also be used to break the car window in an emergency. Though it will require a lot of force, it’s another use.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tactical Flashlight

So, as we have established, a tactical flashlight is an incredible self-defense tool. But how will you choose the best police security flashlight if you don’t even know what to look for? There are 1000s of flashlights available in the market.

So, here are a few things you must consider to ensure you choose the best tactical flashlight for safety and security.

1. Size

The size you must first consider when buying a tactical flashlight. It should be small and compact. You should be able to fit it easily inside your pocket without feeling like you have inserted something huge inside.

Ideally, a tactical flashlight should be the size of your palm.

2. Maximum Brightness Output

The only way you can cause maximum damage to your attacker is if your flashlight is bright enough.

Never buy a tactical flashlight that offers less than 200 lumens. This should make the tactical flashlight far more effective, and you can disorient the attacker in one go.

3. No Complexity

Once you start hunting the market for the best law-enforcement flashlights, you will come across various options, including a few models of SOS and strobe functions. Then there are flashlights available that will allow you to set the brightness limit depending on how many times you turn it off and on.

While various tactical flashlight users recommend, we suggest keeping things simple. Nobody wants a flashlight that is challenging to use in times of emergency when it needs its primary feature to work the most.

So, instead of buying a tech-savvy tactical flashlight, keep things as simple as possible.

4. Solid Construction

When you’re going on a hike or doing late-night rounds of the street, you never know what you’ll come across, and your flashlight may fall off your hands. If you haven’t paid attention to the quality of the flashlight, it will probably break into a million pieces.

So, you must always strive for the construction quality of the flashlight. Always purchase a durable, rugged flashlight that will last even in the most challenging circumstances.

5. Waterproof

When investing in a flashlight for law enforcement, you need something that will work in every situation. This also includes rain and snow.

Ensure the tactical flashlight you’re buying is waterproof. However, these flashlights are more high-end and will cost a solid buck. But if you want maximum surety that your flashlight won’t give up on you in a difficult situation, buying a waterproof flashlight is the way to go.

6. Battery

One of the most important things to consider is the flashlight’s battery. And battery life becomes more important when you’re outside in the woods with no charging source to feed your flashlight. While ensuring full charge is primary, you also need to find a flashlight that offers a longer battery life. 

If you’re choosing from military flashlights, you should invest in standard batter sizes, such as 9V, C, D, AA, and AAA. If you want the tactical flashlight to offer maximum lumens & the battery to last longer, AAA batteries are the way to go.

Moreover, smaller battery sizes are also available. For example, 10180 is a rechargeable battery for pocket-sized flashlights. It has a very small size, but because of its size, it has become increasingly popular these days.

Most flashlights have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours which is massive. Some feature reverse polarity protection & while others offer overheating protection. So while you’re buying a tactical flashlight, ensure you take these aspects into consideration.

7. Materials

Lastly, when you’re buying a tactical flashlight, ensure it is made out of robust material.

Tactical flashlights are meant to take a lot of abuse. So, their material should withstand the rough and tough scenarios. So, not only make sure the tactical flashlight is water-resistant, but it should also resist maximum wear and tear.

Final Verdict

So, while it may seem a bit difficult to purchase a flashlight now that you know all about the aspects you must consider, trust us, if you pay attention to your purchase, you will never regret shopping.

Tactical flashlights must be taken seriously because they are an impeccable self-defense tool. However, never compromise on its quality and durability. Ensure the battery time is excellent, and buy flashlights with LEDs. Different law-enforcement flashlights are available in the market, and you can choose according to your preference.

This article helps in finding you the best tactical flashlights. Do leave us with your feedback if there are any tips you’d like us to know.

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