How to fight against cybercrime

Cybercriminals everywhere make use of the internet to gain access to the personal information of users worldwide. With technological advancement taking place at such a fast pace, cybercrime is something that is also growing at a similar pace side by side. Hackers are becoming more vigilant and coming up with new ways to cater to the new and updated security standards.

Another dangerous form of cybercrime that has been noticed to be growing is the illegal buying and selling of products and services that are not only illegal but inhumane as well. These hackers indulge in such activities mainly for private gain and benefit. Therefore it has become a must to get educated on the matter and how to protect yourself from becoming a target.

Important precautions to take

Most internet users do not take the threat of cybercrime very seriously but keeping in view the ever occurring incidents, it has now become a must for everyone to educate themselves on the matter. Here are a few preventive measures one can bring into practice to protect yourself and your data from these hackers:

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Become more aware of the type of websites you are vising. If the website does not seem like a legitimate one, never give them your personal information that can put you or your data at risk. This will save you from the possible chance of a hacker gaining access to your data and using it for either their benefit or the purpose of ابتزاز. In such cases, antivirus software also comes into play and can warn you about an intrusion.

If you suspect that an email that you have received might be spam or from hackers, report it and mark it as spam so that in the future you do not receive any such emails. Moreover, the more time that email is going to get reported, after a certain point that email is going to get deleted and the hacker will become unsuccessful in their purpose.

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If you are using social media or transferring your data onto a system that is new or even if you are using a website that you doubt is legitimate, always use a VPN, this would help you to alter your IP address hence the hackers will never get information about you or your location. Many hackers use your IP address to track your location with the intention of to ابتزاز جنسي you for their private gain.

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