How To Help A Victim Of Domestic Violence?

If you have ever endured domestic violence, you may know how helpless someone becomes in such situations. Most victims of domestic violence do not speak up about the injustice at the right time and let things get out of hand.

The world of domestic violence can be lonely, filled with fear, and isolated. If you know someone trying to reach out for help, you must do certain things to make them feel safe and heard. To help a victim, find a Sandy domestic violence lawyer for them. 

Ways to help domestic violence victims

  • Listen to them. 

Listening can do a lot for a person than you may think. Domestic violence can cause a person to keep secrets and fill their heart with fear. It is essential to assure them that speaking to you is safe and confidential. Allow the victim to speak on their own without forcing them, and make sure to let them know that you believe everything they say. This is because victims do not often speak up due to the fear that no one will believe them. 

  • Give them assurances. 

Many domestic violence cases do not get reported because the victim believes they deserve such treatment. You must let them know that they are not wrong and do not deserve any of it. Saying things like, “I believe you,” “You do not deserve this,” and “It is not your fault” can go a long way. 

  • Make time for them. 

If the victim decides to open up to you or you reach out to them, make sure you have adequate time on your hands to be there for them regularly. Talking to them for one day and then forgetting about the whole thing will only make them lose hope. Ensure that you save up plenty of time to speak to them. If the victim starts talking about their abuse experiences, you will need to sit and listen to everything. 

  • Offer your support. 

Support your victim friend as much as you can. If they need to meet up, make time. If they need to speak to you on the phone, let them know when to call. Assure them their feelings are valid and not overreacting despite what their abuser says. The best way of offering your support is asking the victim, “What can I do to help?”. 

Domestic violence is worse than violence coming from strangers as it involves abuse from your own family. If you see the victim’s condition worsening day by day, you should advise them to speak to the police and hire a lawyer. Taking help from the law is the only effective way to remove the immediate danger. 

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