Inspiring Ideas Of Digital Products To Sell Online By Fahim Moledina

With all the tools available, you can now build an e-commerce empire of your own right from your couch! Whether out of passion or necessity, Fahim Moledina brings you the best digital products that you can sell online to set the foundation of your empire. 

Here is how you can juice up your bank accounts, but before that, you must know what actually digital products are:

What Are Digital Products

Digital products are considered digital assets or media pieces that you can sell online multiple times. Music files, PDF guides, or e-books are some of the examples of these assets that, unlike physical goods, are limitless and do not need to be stocked repeatedly. 

From big companies to freelancers, all have started to sell digital products to generate passive income. With the world going online and COVID-19 changing even the work dynamics, knowing about digital products is a lucrative idea. It is time you hop on the digital product bandwagon and benefit from the online sales business. 

Why Sell Digital Products

There are many benefitsto enjoy that you get with selling digital products. These comprise:

  • There are no demand and supply issues 
  • the paychecks never stop coming once you sell digital downloads
  • you can scale up or down the production as there are no logistics around it
  • low startup costs
  • there is no middleman, making it easy for your customers to trust you 
  • you enjoy greater freedom and flexibility 
  • You can target a larger market with your accessible business

Product Ideas

Now that you know how great selling digital products is, we now unearth some of the best digital product ideas that you can sell. These products fall under the categories of:

  • Software
  • Ebooks
  • Video
  • Audio 
  • Music
  • Digital Art
  • Online courses
  • Graphics
  • Web-based Applications
  • PDF documents

We can now explore the list of the profitable digital products that, if not belong to your industry, can inspire you to find ways to apply them.


Artists can be thankful to the Internet as now the whole digital space is their canvas! You can share your craft online through digital platforms to a much wider audience and quickly make a name for yourself. 

  • Create step-by-step drawing guides teaching people how to draw
  • Make painting video tutorials for painters of different skills and abilities
  • Offer your designs 
  • Make computer icons that can be downloaded by people and used on sites

IT Specialists

For IT specialists, there are ample options to start their e-commerce business. Since there is demand for IT specialists as every business relies on IT services, there is a list of product ideas of IT specialists. 

  • You can design apps and add a pricing plan to them or have in-app purchases
  • You can sell premade themes that customers can download and use directly 
  • Share reusable codes that the customers can use on their sites 
  • Create video games with monthly or a purchase fee 
  • Sell browser plugins to customize the browsing experience 
  • Offer a web server that allows the clients to store their data


Monetize your blogging efforts by selling the following digital products. For those who already have an audience, begin making space in your accounts for the potential cash flows! 

  • Offer printable PDF sharing lifestyle tips and routines
  • You can create your own site and put up exclusive content that can be accessed through a monthly or yearly subscription
  • Provide downloadable products such as eBooks to
  • Host podcasts with influential people who can share insider tips and ideas with your audience

The scope and options of online product ideas for selling online are beyond this blog. There are so many options for people from all backgrounds. Whether you are a writer, blogger, beautician, chef, or anyone, the digital landscape is vast and full of opportunities for you. The above ideas by Fahim Moledina are just a scratch on the surface. So get down to knowing more about your niche and utilize the above strategies to be one day an owner of your e-commerce empire!

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