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Because not everyone has enough time or communication channels to sell real estate on their own successfully, therefore, brokers play a role in helping to manage to buy, sell, or rent on behalf of the landlord. In exchange for a commission that looks like a commission and before agreeing to hire, Homeowners must know how to calculate their commissions. To prepare to negotiate an agreement with the broker appropriately.

Who is a real estate broker?

A real estate broker is a career in the real estate industry. Responsible for representing real estate owners in bringing properties, whether for Realtors for Mountain Homes sale houses, condos, or land, to offer for sale or rent to interested parties. When the trade is successful, the landlord must pay a commission to the broker by the mutually agreed upon contract. But a recruiter’s job isn’t the only one. The broker will also help find and facilitate the purchase or rental of real estate that meets the needs of the buyer or tenant.

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Broker

If hiring a real estate broker, Employers do not have to find marketing channels. No advertising costs No need to negotiate, explain and negotiate with everyone. Don’t have to deal with the draft contract. Including not having even to transfer ownership or send/receive real estate from renting because they can authorize the broker to act on their behalf Employers, therefore, have time for work and personal life as usual.

Real estate brokerage commissions

Who pays the commission?

When the purchase or lease of real estate is completed, the employer must pay compensation to the broker immediately. If the employer travels to transfer ownership or send/receive a rental property, cash or cashier’s check must also be prepared. In the case of trading, If the commission is higher than the employer will prepare the money in advance. It uses the method of collecting a deposit with the buyer when making a contract to buy and sell enough to meet the commission. This may include various expenses on the transfer date as well.

Coordinator’s commission

While the broker looks for a buyer, seller, or tenant for an employer, A broker may liaise with more acquaintances spanning over a buyer and seller to meet. According to etiquette, all coordinators must also be paid. But that is a matter between the broker and the liaison to be agreed upon. Employers are not required to pay any additional payments as previously agreed with their brokers.

Broker commission rate

in general, Real estate brokerage commissions are charged at 3% of the sale price and may be higher or lower. depending on the location of the real estate Difficulty in trading real estate value period until the time of sale and other agreed terms

But if it is a commission in real estate acquisition, it will depend on the agreement between the broker and the employer. Or the broker may agree to ask for a commission from the seller. But according to the rules of the Council of Real Estate Brokers of Thailand, it will require the broker to receive compensation from only one party.

The commission for real estate leasing agents is charged at the rate of 1 month per lease of 12 months or more and is a one-time commission payment when entering into a lease agreement. After that, the tenant will continue to rent or not. It will not be related to the broker again.

From all the information, it can be seen that Depositing a real estate brokerage is not tricky. And the commission to pay is not complicated. But you must understand the principles and agree with the broker properly. Knowing about the benefits and commissions for commissions, I understood Roles and how to choose a real estate broker. A helper is needed.

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