Looking for real-time performance test of your internet? This ultimate ping checker will diagnose and come up with the real outputs of your internet.

Are you a gamer, a streamer or both? If yes, then you probably you need a ping checker before you get yourself in a competitive game. Fixubuntu servers will give you the best honest results about your internet quality. In case, if you are playing something that doesn’t provide you the real-time information about your network and your gameplay feels choppy, the first thing that comes to your mind is your ping, and you probably think that I should check my ping, and for that you should always choose something that not only provides the best results but comes with a lot of servers to test with.

Why does it matter?

To explain, being active in internet world, you will face the common issues that everyone go through. Surely they can be fixed if diagnosed well, sometime people think their ISP isn’t providing the quality services because when use a random ping checker it doesn’t come up with honest results because the poor performance of their testing servers, they just want to get clicked and make money by ads they have on their webpage. In the light of this, you need to check ping on a server where you get the 100% honest results about your ping test.

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Ideal for gamers

Provided that, if you are League of Legends player and want to see your lol ping test, fixubuntu comes with up to 19 servers to test with, including all the League of Legends servers, so whether you are in Europe, Asia or America you can always test ping with this, and know what’s the best server for you to battle in.

Pubg ping

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been the most played battle royale games out there, But their customers are not satisfied by their servers because they have only 4 servers and which you are unable to choose from, which leaves you confused that if you are getting high pings it’s the issue from your ISP or Pubg’s, but this also can be easily proved with fixubuntu, You can get the answer by doing your pubg ping test, and sort out the issue.

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In conclusion, Ping test online is not always the right thing to prove your internet quality, because there are some people who are making money by your curiosity, they don’t get you right results which ends up as you start blaming your ISP, before even getting in touch with your ISP you should try one of the best ping checker services that fixubuntu is providing over the years.

They come with servers from all the regions all over the world, so it doesn’t matter where you are located, you can always check ping and know who you need to assist with, the game support or your ISP. Definitely, you should ensure yourself from your end first before you bring in any 3rd person to fix the issue that actually exists.

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