Matt Davies Harmony Communities Provides the Best and Latest Equipment Needed for Horses


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, riding a horse is one of the most exciting and adventurous hobbies, especially in the 21st century. However, to ride a horse the right way, you need to make sure that you have the best gear. Let’s check out the best and latest equipment needed for horses. 

The Equipment

  1. Boots – You need to buy a good pair of boots that are designed for horseback riding. They don’t just make your ride more comfortable, but also safer. Riding boots have a textured sole that keeps your boots stable in the stirrup. Apart from that, there’s also the stiff toe box to keep your toes from being crushed. Make sure to buy tall boots so that you are protected from being pinched. 
  2. Helmet and safety vest – Don’t be fooled by those westerns and cowboy dramas. Every actor who rode a horse in those shows and movies received professional training for months or years before they were able to ride into the sunset with nothing but a cowboy hat, a leather jacket, and a pair of sunglasses. 

In real-life scenarios, getting thrown off by even the tamest horse can injure you for good. That’s why you can’t ignore safety. Get an equestrian helmet that perfectly fits your head and a safety vest that can protect you from kicks, falls, or stomps. Invest in an air-filled vest for added cushioning and protection.   

  1. Bridle – A horse bridle is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your horse. There are several types of bridles, from the classic English harness to the Western harness and those made specifically for competitive riding. You need to figure out your riding style and choose a bridle that suits it. 
  2. Saddle – You sit on the horse saddle while you ride, and this is the equipment that has the most impact on your comfort and safety. Moreover, saddles need to be measured and custom fit for both the horse and you so that you are comfortable, and the saddle doesn’t slip off the horse’s back. You can also use the saddle to communicate with the horse and tell it which way to go with subtle movements. 
  3. Stirrup leather and irons – The stirrup iron is the part that’s attached to the end of the stirrup and lets you rest your boots. The iron is connected to the stirrup leather that is further connected to the saddle. The stirrup allows you to climb on the horse more easily and rest your feet on a flat and even surface throughout your ride. Stirrups also allow you to guide your horse in the direction you want to go. 


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you check out the above-mentioned equipment and go on a shopping spree. Some of that equipment would help you keep your horse in good shape while others would help to keep you stable while you’re hopping on its back at 40 miles an hour.

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