Msum moorhead d2l, d2l Msum brighstapce | Students are given some access to online services to receive all necessary details.

Provide connection assistance for students in most significant difficulty in the face of the crisis, in addition to existing aid to promote educational continuity.

The assistance concerns students who do not have access to a computer and do not have sufficient internet connection to follow their courses online. Concretely, this assistance can be obtained by studying a file taking into account the conditions of resources. And allows those who request it to finance purchasing a computer and a subscription to an access provider for four months. This operation is limited to the duration of the confinement.

  • All of the University’s students were contacted by email and SMS (to reach people without internet connections).
  • Aid requests must be made via a form available on the student intranet.
  • Students also have the option of replying to the SMS if they do not have internet access. The files are then completed by telephone.

 The online services portal-

As a student, the University provides you with a unique username and password to access the online services portal and Msum D2l Login Details.

This unique username and password will allow you to:

  • access the digital services of the portal,
  • check your mailbox,
  • you connect to the “WIFI campus” networks in buildings but also outside,
  • use your establishment’s self-service computers,
  • access the consultation stations of university libraries.

How do you get your student profile digital identity?

When you register for the first time at the University Msum D2l Login Details, after entering your online administrative registration form. Your digital identity is activated the next day if you register after this session. If you register before this date, you have this identity, but it will only be active on the next session, so you will not access the various digital services. While waiting.

When you go to the Studies and Education Services for your final registration, it will also be given to you.

Online pre-registration exam for the academic year 2021

these details are Only for students in the first round: Portfolio with pre-registration only

Step’s students must perform for Msum D2l Login Details.

  1. Check the Examination Room Zoom Meeting ID/Examination seat number. (Only those who have the right to take the exam).

– Log in to the registration system at the website.

– Select the menu [Study/Exam Timetable]

– Select Academic Year 2021, Semester 0

  1. Study the online exam guide (for students)

Announced by the Teaching Timetable Department.

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