Quick and Easy Ways to Create An Inviting Guest Room

With the holiday season around the corner, it is time to prep up your spare room for the ultimate guest experience. Creating a dedicated guest room where your friends and family members visiting you can relax, rest and enjoy is crucial to being a good host. Therefore, when designing a guest room, make sure it is welcoming and exudes a kind of comfortable and soothing vibe.

Here is an easy guide to creating an ideal guest room.

#1. Spruce up the bed:

First, swap your basic bedding with a super comfortable mattress and matching linens. Top-quality bedding with comfy pillows and blankets will provide your guests with the warmth and much-needed rest after a busy long trip. Additionally, it will provide them with wonderful support for a good night’s sleep.

#2. Ensure proper Lighting:

This may sound obvious but it is often ignored. Proper lighting is necessary to enhance the functionality and appearance of your guest room. You need to pick the appropriate lighting options with the right design and hue depending on your room’s layout. Moreover, they need to be well-placed. Besides basic light fixtures, you can add bedside lamps, chandeliers, or other decorative lights to achieve an enthralling ambiance.

#3. Upgrade Curtains: 

To make sure early-morning sunlight doesn’t disturb your guest’s restful sleep, install curtains. Upgrading window and door curtains and drapes are the easiest and one of the affordable ways to revamp your room’s decor. The sheer curtains have the charm to fill your guest room with an inviting aura. However, pay attention to your room’s decor theme when selecting texture, color, and design for your door curtains.

#4. Provide plenty of Closet space:

This is another important requirement for your guest room. Your guests need enough storage space to place their belongings securely. This will help them keep their room neat and organized. Whether clothes, suitcases, or gadgets, your guest room needs to have enough accommodating space where your guests can store their all knick-knacks.

#5. Install an entertainment unit:

Installing an entertainment unit is an amazing idea to keep your guests engaged in their free time. The entertainment units are available in a range of customizable designs which gives you the flexibility to find the one suited to your budget. Even a simple TV unit extended by a simple chest of drawers could do the job. Further, you have the freedom to play around with designs to uplift your overall Interior Designers In Trivandrum.

Some additional essentials to create an inviting guest room

  • Some fresh flowers or scented candles to the bedside will fill the room with a refreshing aroma.
  • Fill your bare room wall with some collage photo frames or art pieces to spark interest in your guest room.
  • Place some reading material. It is a nice gesture and will reflect that you really care for your guests.
  • Pamper your guests with some light snacks and a water bottle.
  • Ensure your guest room has enough hand towels.
  • Lastly, remember to place extra toiletries as a part of your adorable welcome gesture.