Quick marketing tips on Instagram

Currently, Instagram ranks as the second most popular social network, trailing only behind Facebook. The Instagram stories feature has over a billion active users per month, and 500 users access it daily. Every person and their pet is on social media.

Studies have shown that many brands that established their presence on Instagram have skyrocketed. Currently, 75% of businesses in the USA use Instagram for promotion. However, is it worth investing time and money to get your company on Instagram? The short answer is yes. Here are some Instagram growth tips to help you get started:

Work on the number of people who follow you on Instagram

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a following. Thus, if you are a new company with no social presence, it is wise to buy IG followers. However, it would help to purchase followers from viable sites like Famoid. The followers that you get from places like Famoid are genuine. Famoid only sends those followers who are actively interested in your content. Therefore, these followers will not only increase your following number, but they will also interact with your content. Instagram values content engagement. The more attention you receive on your content, the more your content will be shown to other people on Instagram.

Determine your objectives

Before posting regularly on Instagram, ask yourself, why are you on the platform? Regardless of the platform’s popularity, you should have specific goals and purposes to justify spending your energy, time, and money on Instagram.

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Who you want to reach on Instagram

Before you start marketing, decide on your potential audience. This is a vital part of how to increase your user engagement. If you have marketing strategies that work for you, use them on Instagram and constantly upload images, pictures, videos, etc. Also, remember to consider their general interests, income, motivation, and difficulties that your customers might be facing, which you can provide.

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Conduct competitive analysis

Once you have identified the audience, you should conduct a comparative analysis to figure out your competition. You can start by going through the Instagram profile of your competitors. If you are not sure who your competitors are, you should look for accounts close to yours by searching for your industry terms. Check the performance of your competitors to kind of which posts are getting the maximum engagement, what hashtags they are using, what their captions are, and how quickly their growth is. These data can act as guidelines for your growth.

Work on a content calendar

A content calendar can be game changing. It can help you save time and manage your Instagram account in a much more professional manner. Fill your calendar with post types and schedule your posting times, hashtags and captions before time itself. If you want to highlight important events in your Instagram account, your editorial calendar is the perfect place.

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Make sure your brand is consistent.

If your content is disjointed or random, your audience will get confused, and you may lose followers. Therefore, maintaining a consistent brand look is crucial for growth on Instagram. First, identify your brand personality, check your company’s core values, and what is the significance of the brand to the customers? Is the brand playful, daring, adventurous?

Follow similar accounts and participate in discussions. When you provide helpful suggestions to others, they will be interested in your content and follow you to know more about what you have to say. Piquing the audience’s interest is the best way of growing your own business. Follow these SEO blogs for more marketing tips.

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