Reasons Why PDF Files Are So Popular

Every student, teacher, writer, office worker, or even almost every organization makes use of pdf files more often. So, we all are familiar with the format of pdf files. But have you ever thought, Why is the pdf file format so common and so popular among all of us? Today, you will come to know why they are so prominent.

Pdf files mainly came into the limelight when adobe was released in the pdf file format in 2008. This attracted a large audience to work with pdf files, as it was easy to convert PDF to Word files on every setup. Moreover, pdf files have numerous advantages; let’s see all about them.

Portable To Use

Pdf files are highly portable, and thus you can easily move or transfer the files or photos without any need for other tools. Once you create a PDF file, there are no worries about any fonts, tables, images, highlights, or formatting. You can easily share the file with anyone you want, without any limit.


Another reason why pdf files are so popular is their accessibility range. Many other file formats are either not accessible on mobiles or on iPads, but PDF files can easily be accessed on your mobile. Most people make use of Adobe Reader, as it comes pre-installed on their phones. Adobe readers mostly have files in pdf format, so you find it easy to use. After editing, you can save your files and get access to it anywhere you want, whether online or offline.

Easy Sharing

In the late 80s, earlier the invention of pdf files, document sharing was really a great problem for everyone. But when Adobe Reader came into existence, it made a revolutionary change in the field of sharing documents. Pdf fields are handy and can be easily shared between programs and platforms. Today, you can easily create your pdf files on any operating software and share them on the internet.


When you share the documents created on your software, it doesn’t mean everyone can see your files. Others don’t need to have the same software file that you have. But when you create your work in pdf files and then share your work, everyone can view your file. This shows how compatible the format is. Pdf format files are a standard form of file used in almost every organization.


Various formats do not allow you to make changes once it is saved. But the PDF file format permits you to make any changes you want. You can easily edit PDF, irrespective of the software you use.

Ease Of Creation

The increasing popularity of pdf files is the ease of creation. Pdf files can easily be created without any help from other software or tools. Numerous applications today make use of pdf files only to share their content. This is because pdf files are easy to create and easy to share or transfer. Even if you use power points, excel sheets, sheets, or documents, you can easily convert them into pdf file formats.

So, these are the reasons why pdf files are so popular among every institute and organization. It also gives a professional appeal to the content and is considered to be the most versatile, universal, and full of featured files format.