Research Approaches Using Qualitative or Quantitative Approaches


Several approaches to research are more flexible in their use of quantitative and qualitative methods. Two of these, program evaluation and action research, may use either qualitative or quantitative approaches or use both in a single study. Mixed-methods approaches, by definition, use both quantitative and qualitative methods. This type of research continues to grow in use because educational practitioners find it an empowering and collaborative activity

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Mixed-Methods Research

Mixed-methods research collects both quantitative and qualitative data because these researchers believe that a combination of approaches results in a more complete understanding of educational problems. Although one approach might be emphasized more than the other, both types of data are considered essential to the study. One type of data may be collected first, followed by the other, or both quantitative and qualitative data may be collected simultaneously.

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Action Research

Action research is designed to enhance and improve current practice within a specific classroom, school, or district. Typically, it is a type of research undertaken by practitioners who have identified problems they wish to solve or who would simply like to find ways to enhance their own teaching or student learning, or both. For example, Pasko (2004) studied her own third-grade classroom to see how the students connected mathematical concepts to literature that they read independently. Her results provided support that her interdisciplinary approach to teaching was working for her students and suggested new ideas that she might try to improve her

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