Slots Battle: Online Slot Machines vs Offline Slots 

All of us here are fans of slots. We love them in all shapes and sizes. There is a handful of reasons to play slots: they are the classic game of chance with the possibility of huge payouts and even if luck doesn’t shine on you today, you will surely have a lot of fun while playing – read Sweet Bonanza slot review here.

Everyone knows the classic land-based slot machines, the so called one-armed bandits. They are fun to play and can pay out as much as £500 in a single win in the UK. You might have also heard of the online slots that are increasingly becoming the more popular variant. Which one to go for? Stay with us as we delve into the question and provide pros and cons for both online and land-based slots. 

Offline slots – becoming extinct? 

Some players argue that offline slots have their days numbered. With the rise of online slots, the land-based machines are manufactured in lesser numbers and the older machines are needing constant maintenance. Many players today choose online slots over land-based ones, but there are definite upsides to playing offline slots. 


  • Playing a land-based slot machine is an authentic experience on a gaming terminal designed for slots games.
  • Offline slot machines use the True Random Number Generator, which is generally more trusted by players because it is meant for a single player and not thousands of them all at once, like in online slots.
  • Some players claim that land-based slot machines have better payouts than online slots.


  • Some games might have dated designs and graphics.
  • The maximum bet is £2 on all land-based slot machines in the UK.
  • The maximum prize that can be won on a single spin is limited to £500 in the UK. 

Online slots – the industry giant 

Online slots bring in around £10 billion of profits into the UK market every year. They are becoming massively popular and for good reasons. Everything new and exciting in the slot world can be found online. We’re talking industry-revolutionising features and new games being released in dozens every month. Many players are making a permanent switch from offline slots to online ones. Let’s look at the reasons why. 


  • Heaps of different games available, enough different types of slots to suit everyone’s playing style.
  • The maximum bet is not limited and can be as high as £50 per spin on some games.
  • The maximum payout is not limited like on land-based slots.
  • Play from the comfort of your home. 


  • Is missing the social aspect of playing in a casino and meeting new people.
  • Uses the Pseudorandom Number Generator which can be hacked and manipulated for someone’s gain. Although these cases of the PRNG getting hacked are very rare, they are possible.
  • What is more, the PRNG is made to cater to thousands of people at once, which some players deem “unlucky” or “unprofitable” except for rare cases of big wins. 


Both online and offline slots have their place in the industry. For most people, it’s a matter of taste and preference, while others will go methodical and choose one over the other with intentions of lining up their pockets. Offline slots can provide the classic experience which is what many people are looking for, while online slots pave the way in the industry with innovation and quality games. Despite the clear differences between the two methods of playing, it is still the same game in its heart! Choose wisely and have fun.

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