South African Brokers with Nas100

Choosing the right forex broker can be quite difficult. Everyone has different conditions and regulations. That is why most new traders get confused about which brokerage company they should choose. But, it can also be considered as a plus point. Whether looking for a global or local broker, you have plenty of room to choose from 200.
Since South Africa is one of the biggest Forex Trading countries, there are many brokerage houses in the region, but how many offer Nas100? Well, you do not have to ponder over this question anymore.
Here are all the South African Brokers with Nas100. 

4 Best South African Brokers with Nas100 You Should Know in 2021

Before giving you the list, let’s briefly look at Nas100 as many new traders might be unfamiliar with it. 

NAS100, or NASDAQ 100, is a US-based stock market index. It features over 100 composite indexes, making it the second-largest stock exchange in the world.
It is also known as NDX100 or US Tech 100. In addition to that, it is home to the largest global companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. 

With that said, let’s look at South African Brokers with NAS100

  • Exness
    Exness is the most affordable broker you can work with. With only $1 of minimum deposit, you can start trading NASDAQ100. The brokerage company offers a 4.5 pips average spread on US Tech 100.
    Exness provides several conveniences, such as MT4 & MT5 trading platforms, various account types, and currency pairs. Other than that, FSCA regulates the broker in South Africa, which is why it is trusted worldwide.
  • Tickmill
    Tickmill is another popular brokerage company that is regulated by FSCA, CySEC, and FCA. It offers comparatively tighter spreads on NASDAQ100, 1.93 pips. However, the broker’s minimum deposit is $100. Although it is not that high, it can be troublesome for beginners.
    There are several other benefits, such as a wide variety of trading instruments and 1:100 leverage for NAS100. 
  • HotForex
    Regulated by FSCA, FCA, and CySEC, HotForex offers CFD on trading NDX100. They also have better spreads, 2.03 pips, with only a minimum deposit of $5.
    Hotforex is one of the most affordable South African brokers with NAS100. The best part is that they support the MT4 trading platform, which is still the most popular one. Moreover, the broker does not charge any additional fee on deposit or withdrawal. 
  • XM
    XM is regulated by ASIC, and is not a South-African-based broker. However, it is still operating in the region due to its strict regulations from bodies like CySEC. It also has an affordable initial deposit of $5. But, their spreads might not be that suitable, at 3 pips per lot for NASDAQ 100.
    The maximum leverage you can get for NAS100 is 1:100. 
  • Honorable Mentions
    Other than the ones mentioned above, there are still some South African Brokers with NAS100. Check out these honorable mentions.
  1. AvaTrade
  2. FXTM
  3. FXCM
  4. IG
  5. Pepprstone

Ready to start trading in NASDAQ 100? This article will help you choose the right brokerage company for this index.
This detailed list and honorable mentions for South African Brokers with NAS100 will surely be of help to you. 

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