Texting And Driving -Dangers

Texting and driving have been a rising cause of minor and major accidents in the country. With the rise of mobile addictions, texting and driving have become one of the biggest concerns. While you can take various precautions to not text and drive, someone else doing the same can cause the accident. 

If you get into an accident because the opposite driver was texting and driving, you are eligible to get compensation. A Wytheville Auto Accident Lawyer can help you get justice and fair compensation for all your incurred damages.  

Law enforcement has taken various measures to prevent texting and driving as it can be risky for the driver as well as those around them. However, texting and driving can be seen as a minor violation where you will be fined for violating the law. In many cases, the cops cannot simply ask someone to pull over if they see them texting and driving unless they violate other traffic laws. 

How to avoid texting and driving?

Teenage drivers have been victims of texting and driving accidents more than other ages. A few precautions that you can take to prevent yourself and your teenage driver from avoiding texting and driving includes:

  • Prohibit texting and driving at all costs. 
  • If it is an emergency, pull over to a safe place to respond. 
  • Use technology at its best to reply to texts without using your phone. 
  • Use a hands-free device. 
  • Only reply when you are at a red signal. 

What if someone else hits you while texting and driving?

Fortunately, various laws protect you from negligent drivers. Texting and driving fall under being negligent since the act can be prevented. You are eligible for compensation from the at-fault party for all the losses, including loss of income, physical injuries, emotional pain and suffering, property damage, and any other losses. 

After you are hit by someone else, make sure you report it to the police right away. Seek medical help if the injuries are severe. Moreover, wait until the police arrive and do not forget to get a copy of the police report. You may also take pictures of the accident scene, such as your injuries, property damage, accident scene, or anything related to the accident. 

Lastly, do not delay your medical treatment. Delaying your medical treatment will allow the insurance company to deny or lower your compensation, saying that your injuries are not severe and you may be exaggerating your injuries. Seek help from a lawyer in Wytheville to know how to proceed with your claim legally.