The Benefits to Reap By Using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics is a best-in-class ERP and CRM solution to help businesses accelerate their growth.

The software exercises more control over financials and simplifies the management of the associated business verticals such as manufacturing, customer relationship management, supply chain, distribution, operations, and warehouse management.

Businesses can have the option to deploy the software tool on-premise, on-cloud.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 265 is an easy-to-use, quick-to-implement, and highly customizable ERP solution.

The software comes with many features and capabilities. And, businesses can leverage the features to streamline their business processes, across all departments.

That way, the tool helps businesses to attain higher efficiencies across to accelerate their growth.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP
  • Pre-configured MS Excel reports
  • Built-in Cortana intelligence
  • Office 365 integration
  • Flexible posting to general ledger from documents
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Cash management
  • Submit longer sales reports
  • Fixed asset management
  • Budgeting
  • Automation with Power Platform
  • User workspace personalization
  • Built-in AI
  • Simple integration of third-party applications
  • Bank reconciliation

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics365

The software allows connecting data across different departments, such as finance, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions to get an end-to-end view of your business.

In addition, the software also displays financial performance in real-time with built-in Power BI dashboards.

Accelerate Financial Close and Reporting

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, businesses, regardless of the size, can streamline accounts receivables and payables. Therefore, businesses can quickly reconcile accounts to close and report on financials.

As a result, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help businesses to improve efficiency and productivity.

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Improved Forecast Accuracy

The software allows businesses to carry out financial forecasts by modeling and analyzing data across multiple departments. In addition, the software also generates reports using seamless Microsoft Excel integration.

Companies in the manufacturing and distribution segment are susceptible to various challenges in a rapidly changing environment.

Stiff competition and frequent price fluctuations are eroding margins. And, shorter product life cycles force businesses to look for methods to quickly fit into challenging circumstances.

Microsoft Dynamics can help businesses to do away with the associated challenges.

The software has a proven record of assisting businesses to run effective distribution and supply chain management.

As the software imparts visibility into sales data, inventory levels, and delivery schedules, manufacturing businesses can effectively meet customer demands.

Due to the visibility across the supply chain, businesses can make informed purchasing decisions with the software. At the same time, Microsoft Dynamics can also identify the best-selling products to help businesses increase profit margins.

With the software, businesses can effectively monitor their inventories in real time regardless of their locations. In addition, the software helps businesses to effectively manage their stocks in different locations and respond to changes quickly.

Again, the web application also helps businesses to distribute their raw materials in their inventories. So, they can avoid the issue of raw material shortage or excess inventory.

Manufacturers can streamline the order process of their product distribution to ensure timely delivery of your product to the right person at the right cost.


By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, businesses can take their businesses to the next level in terms of efficiency and productivity. But, there is an important consideration for the implementation of the software tool.

Before the actual implementation, businesses should do the due diligence of choosing the right implementation partner.

The quality of the implementation partner is a crucial factor to consider. Remember, only a competent partner can help businesses to attain their goals. If you fail to engage a competent implementation partner for your project. Therefore, you should not fail to assess your implementation partner beforehand.

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