The Best Places To Spend Christmas In America

Generally speaking, the holiday season in the United States starts the day after Thanksgiving and ends the day after New Year’s Day. As the holiday season progresses, you’re probably wondering where to spend these precious moments with your family. For example, it may be Indian Wells vacation rentals in California, renting a cabin in Lake Tahoe, or getting cozy in the comfort of your home. Don’t worry because we will definitely help you by providing various vacation options that are on trend this season!

  • Oahu, Hawaii

If you want a tropical holiday getaway, Hawaii is the perfect place for you. One of the busiest islands in Hawaii is Oahu. Some of Hawaii’s biggest cities are located there, most notably in Honolulu. Many think Oahu is ideal for experiencing natural attractions, activities, and scenery. These include dining at upscale establishments, staying in fancy resorts, and touring museums.

Do Hawaiians celebrate Christmas? Don’t worry because most of their population celebrates Christmas as much as we do. Christmas in Hawaii is marked by Santa leaving gifts under a palm tree and family spending quality time together. Also, Santa is dressed in surf shorts and no snow, and the Hawaiian holiday greeting is Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas in English). There are also various parades, shows, and other attractions that you may participate in. If you’re lucky, you might see a surfing Santa!

  • Salt Lake City

The capital and most populated city of Utah is Salt Lake City. If you’re looking forward to a winter wonderland, Salt Lake City answers your Christmas wishes. There are a lot of activities that are suitable for both outdoorsmen and introverted people. For outdoor activities, you can ski in the mountains, rent cabins, or ice skate in rinks in the Gallivan Center. As for people who don’t like that type of intense pastime hobby, there are Christmas markets, festivals, and parades downtown that everyone can enjoy with all the glorious sights.

  • New York City

New York is hailed as the busiest city in America, and the holiday season doesn’t make this exception. Christmas in NYC makes us all temporarily forget our adulthood as the city is bathed in sparkling lights. The top attractions in New York change into joyful winter extravaganzas. Aside from the attractions, there are various activities that everyone can participate in!

Ice skating might be a part of your list as this is a staple activity for everyone. New York offers the best skating rinks, and you can choose between indoor or outdoor ones. We’ve evaluated the best locations in NYC, from the famous Rockefeller Center Rink to more low-key rinks in parks like Central Park, to help you narrow your choices.

Of course, who would forget about the Rockefeller Center Tree? Whether you’re stopping by while on your way to Times Square or before going ice skating, the magnificent holiday symbol of New York City is a must-see for locals and tourists visiting the city throughout the holiday season. Every day from 6 AM to midnight, the tree will be lit. On Christmas day, the famous attraction is lit for 24 hours. Also, on New Year’s Eve, it is lit from 6 AM to 9 PM.


I think it’s safe to say that Christmas is definitely in the air. When you plan your Christmas getaway, you want to be sure it’s great, worth the trip, and filled with all the fun memories you will keep forever. This might be overwhelming for you because of all the majestic places to choose from. However, big plans or small plans, the thing that matters the most is being with the people you love on the holidays. That alone is what makes Christmas perfect.

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