The fastest caricaturist for a company event

Event companies in Poland and organizers of entertainment events looking for the most interesting attractions already know who to turn to in the first place with a cooperation proposal when they are looking for a caricaturist. The caricaturist Szczepan Sadurski, known from the press and TV, has long been called one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. What is the uniqueness of his witty portraits?

Live caricatures at the party

When Sadurski from counted the number of events he graced in the last 10 years and multiplied it by several dozen – it turned out that he drew 50,000 smiling faces. Almost the whole city, right? No wonder he became a master at this profession. As one of the experts wrote, Sadurski draws caricatures at the speed of a machine gun.

It’s a metaphor, what about the clocks? It only takes 100 seconds or less for Sadurski to conjure up a witty portrait at a corporate or private event. Provided that the person posing does not turn his head from side to side every now and then and does not tell jokes, because such express work requires incredible concentration. Those who said it was impossible to draw a caricature in 100 seconds bet with Sadurski and always lost! It is not surprising that he is a caricaturist sought after by event companies, whose calendar is full many months before the dates of events.

What does such an attraction look like for an event?

The requirements are modest: 2 or 3 chairs, a table, good lighting of the place or a socket with electricity to plug in a special lamp. The place should be as quiet as possible and as far away from music speakers as possible. This artistic activity requires a bit of concentration.

After the first caricature and the first outburst of laughter, there are more and more people willing to take their witty likeness. Some people love to cheer for the master of the line, watching how a funny portrait is created on a blank page in no time.

Excellent caricaturist and live caricatures

What events is Sadurski, the fastest caricaturist, invited to? For integration events of an entertainment nature with music and alcohol, as well as more serious events: company jubilee, company Christmas Eve, opening a new department or company headquarters. Even serious events such as congresses, symposiums, exclusive garden parties or trade fairs. We like to laugh and we like witty caricatures, especially when the performer is an experienced professional, and in addition an artist known from the media, and not an anonymous creator.

There are no restrictions on the number of participants in the event. Sadurski was invited to events with several hundred people, but he also traveled, for example, 300 kilometers to draw over 20 people. It all depends on the willingness of the organizer and a sufficient budget. Because at larger events, hiring an event caricaturist is more cost-effective.

How to order a master of cheerful portraits for an event?

Just go to and write answers to simple questions in an e-mail: date and place of the event and the number of people who are to come to it. If the date is still free, the event organizer receives a response with a quote very quickly.

The main thing is to contact as soon as possible. The dates of various events where the organizers plan to invite the cartoonist Sadurski overlap, especially if it is a weekend. But there are also free dates almost until the last minute. Importantly, a place in Poland is not a problem. For artists in the event industry, commuting is an everyday reality. There are also artistic trips to other countries, but the price is then higher.