Top Tips for Camping in Your Back Garden

Camping in the garden? We Buy Any House have compiled our top tips on how to do it successfully.

Don’t Leave Out the Children!

Camping out in the garden is the perfect way to make memories and bond with your children. Camping in the garden is the perfect way to get everyone involved, and make it feel more like a family affair where you can all bond. It’s also the perfect way to test how you camp as a family before you go somewhere to camp properly that is away from your home.  There is also absolutely no pressure to get everything packed and ready, and it’s a great way to assess the situation while also making great memories as a family. If your children are able to, you could ask them to set up their own tents, as a way to see if they can do it themselves.

Keep it Warm:

Even if you’re camping outdoors in the middle of the summer, at some point, the temperatures are going to drop- and this is where it can become really chilly, and camping can become quite an unpleasant experience when you are camping outdoors. Therefore, it’s a good idea that you have a campfire going which you can keep lit while you are camping outdoors. It’s also a good idea to have lots of extra blankets and layers on before you go outside. Furthermore, it’s vital that you make sure that your tent is properly insulated, as otherwise you may find it hard to sleep. A great idea is to invest in a portable heater, as this way it will save money on you trying to build and light a fire and will become a vital resource when you are on your camping trips away from home.

Cook a Meal Outdoors:

Why not test your outdoor camping culinary skills and try to build a fire outside? This is a great way to see how great of a camper you are and will also reduce the temptation of you going inside to make food and inevitably staying inside. Additionally, if you have a BBQ outside and you’re getting your camping evening started early, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to and have an early evening BBQ. Finally, don’t forget your marshmallows that are going to be toasted. Having toasted marshmallows is a rite of passage at any camping evening- and you definitely should be missing out! They make a great treat for yourself and the children late at night- and it’s a memory to bond over when you’re all making memories.

Plan Games:

If you’re planning to spend all night outside, it’s going to be a very long and boring night if you don’t plan any fun games- therefore, plan ahead!

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