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Watch “Love Island USA” online – it’s the dating reality show that’s sweeping the country. Season three of Love Island USA premiered on July 7 on Peacock, and fans can start watching the reunion on the streaming service beginning at 9 p.m. ET. The show costs $4.99 for Peacock Premium and $9.99 for Peacock Premium Plus, and it’s available to watch outside the U.S. via Express VPN. In addition to streaming the reunion, Peacock has 35 episodes of Love Island USA season 4 online. You can also stream them for free by signing up for the free trial.

“Love Island” has made a big move from its original home on CBS to the Peacock streaming service. The channel ordered two more seasons of the show, the first of which is slated to premiere in summer 2022. The show is about a group of singles who come together in a villa to find love. The uncoupled contestants are eliminated and the winning couples are awarded a prize.

Fans of the show are encouraged to vote for the couples that they feel have the most potential to be a couple. The public can vote for their favorites, and if a couple doesn’t receive enough votes from the public, they’re eliminated. In the past, this has often left it up to the Islanders to decide which couples will stay and which ones will go home single.


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