WFH Furniture – A Boon in the Pandemic Times

The lockdown induced by the pandemic has been around for some time now and is unlikely to go away soon. WFH which was longed for by employees has become a new norm now. After the initial euphoria died down, people started to reorient their lives and homes. As the workspace and personal space blurred, some significant changes to make the new normal successful were sought. WFH furniture is one such with people looking for comfortable, cool, chic, and functional furniture that could be brought online. Industry experts like Wakefit predict that this demand is likely to increase as the WFH is unlikely to go away soon. Here are some in-demand trends in home furniture and design to watch out for.

Home design and furniture trends

Personalized space in the house: Ideally to work from home having a study with a desk and computer accessories is a must. A room with a door helps to separate work and life. If you are unable to get a room for yourself then at least a place away from the rest of your family is needed. However, in an urban setting having a personalized space for everyone in the house is not feasible. That means a lot of adjustments among family members to share the space. Every corner of the house is used so that work can be accomplished peacefully. Make that space your personal space by adding things that make you feel comfortable and productive. Create a presentable and aesthetic corner so that you can take work calls or have an uninterrupted experience.

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Ergonomics and comfort have come to the forefront: Big companies have extended WFH even after the unlock so that their employees remain safe. Additionally, due to the continuing pandemic rage, most people move out of their homes only if necessary. That means spending long hours either working or lounging catching up on digital entertainment. So stylish and comfortable furniture to support this lifestyle is sought for. Furniture companies cashing in on this trend are creating comfortable and ergonomic items like the best comfort chair, study tables, couches, chairs, etc. These not only add to the decor but are also comfortable attending long official meetings.

Corporates opening their purse strings: Work from home for Indian employees was more of a luxury provided by big corporations. However, the pandemic changed it all. Irrespective of the industry and the company size, working from home became a norm. But most of the homes were not equipped for it and that resulted in the loss of productivity. In a bid to address this, many businesses offered allowances for buying furniture. That resulted in people looking for furniture to set up their home office.

Using the right furniture: Many people did not invest in home office furniture at the start of the pandemic thinking it is a temporary option. However, continuously working from home sitting on a dining table, sofa or bed has led to a change in thoughts about WFH furniture. Additionally, people are also facing many health issues and physical discomfort working on the wrong surfaces. That has led to an increase in the purchase of study desks, ergonomic office chairs online, etc. Home office furniture is a category that has seen a high sales volume in the covid times.

Multifunctional furniture: Among the many things that pandemic has thought people have learned to value function over style more. During the Pre-covid time, people stressed the aesthetic aspects more than the functional aspects. However, that has changed as homeowners want furniture that is reconfigurable, lightweight, and easy to move. For example, people are looking for a study table with a bookshelf rather than having each separately. That saves a lot of space as it is multifunctional. Another example is having a plain table that can double up as a breakfast table, work, or study table.

People are looking for furniture that can be easily moved around from the living room to the balcony or any other place.

Easy to clean furniture: Disinfection has become an integral part of people’s lives. People are on the look for things that can be disinfected quickly and easily. Additionally, people end up eating and drinking on these surfaces while working. So a need for easy to clean, stain-free, and scratch-free surfaces is on the rise. Simple, stylish, and contemporary design is being preferred over intricately designed ones.

The online-first approach – A boon for an online furniture shop

Before the pandemic, customers, especially Indian ones, always wanted to physically check before buying anything. Buying furniture was one among them, people wanted to check if it is comfortable before making the purchase. But the pandemic has changed all that. People are shopping for furniture online. They get to browse products, compare them and buy affordable one sitting in the comfort of their homes. They have realized that it is more convenient to shop online than expose themselves to the virus. Online furniture manufacturers too are making process changes to accommodate affordable pricing for their customers. They are offering free delivery, free trial, hassle-free returns, and exchanges to make it more lucrative to shop online than offline.

Decorating the home is a great way to boost mental health as per research. If you do not fancy such studies, recreating your home decor does the dual purpose of being a distraction to your boring routine while improving the aesthetics. Many companies are coming up with the hybrid working model, wherein a section of the workforce go to the office on particular days and work from home on other days. By doing this, companies ensure that they dont spend too much time and money on additional office space. With the future looking at an extension of working from home, equipping it by adding WFH furniture will add a pop of colour and also comfort to your work as well as personal life. If you have still not caught up on this trend, now is the perfect time to do so!

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